"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Yes, Maggie, You Did Just Say That About a Bathroom.

Hello, Mr. Brooker. I hope you've enjoyed all the lovely tales you've read on this blog so far and that you're very proud of yourself for blocking Blogger from the school's computers and for leaping tables during lunch room brawls.

Today was not exciting. I went to French, all freaking out because Chelsea was sick again and I thought we had two quizzes, and then Madame just randomly decides we have one. Then she swears she told us this on Friday. Then we recounted the events of last night's Desperate Housewives, which was pretty well summed up by Madame: "That lady [Bree] has more important things to worry about than her son's sexual preference. She should worry about whether that old lady he ran over dies or not!" This reminded me: what the hell happened to Juanita? Really, now.

English involved more taking notes on my research paper topic of Was Poe an Alcoholic or Just a Compulsive Binge Drinker. ICP involved bitchery from various members of the Dance Team, who feel as if "the judges screwed us [them] over" at state. I had quite a few good insults for them, but chose to remain silent, then whacked Jackie with a yardstick during our reaction time experiment.

During art, I found out that Blogger is blocked from Pencil Case, and we recounted all the gossip that I learn hanging out with Madame and Maggie during lunch. Anyway, apparently Cow has evil minions. That is what I plan on calling them, too, Evil Minions. I also have another Bob the Builder bandage from lunchtime hanging-out, this time it is lime green.

During study hall, I journaled and read bits of Anna Karenina and found ways to not do homework without the assistance of Blogger. Ooh, rebellious. Not.


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