"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Today, I Didn't Make Anybody Cry.

I love that the day after my mom talks to me about having low grades, the two she is worried about go up a full letter without me doing a thing. I must have Jedi Mind Powers or something, but only when I'm really, really tired.

So, today in French, I showed Madame pictures of La Mere, Das Vater, Ricky, and myself at the age of five. Anyway, I was basically the cutest thing ever at age five, for the record, and in the picture, I'm wearing a beret. I was destined to be a French dork, and I'll probably post the picture on here just so you all can understand this.

Classes are so short. 22 minutes each, and no lunch. Senora G has spent the whole day with a British accent, so we greet each other with "'Ello, poppet!" whenever we see each other in the hall. And, we are doing, in her words, "bloody ducky." Her accent is roughly 76 times better than mine, although I was going to pretend to be British at Phonathon to rake in more money.

Adult Hermione is crazy in the best way. The other day, she told us stories about lying to her children to say that Ewoks are teddy bears so they would go on the 3D Star Wars ride with her, and today she was talking about cars in ditches and how angry she got at bus drivers when her kids were little.

We had to watch the most ridiculous movie ever in art today. They were all, "Start a color appreciation journal!" and Pencil Case and I were all, [raised eyebrows.] We had to use eyebrow-speak so that I would not be chastized again. Anyway, Pencil Case, I have a secret message for you: Think pink!

Chellie gave me the best valentine card ever today. That girl has a way with sentiment. And, Van Chelsing, I stay awake at night thinking of you too.

I love that I got 3 more lip pops than any member of the Dance Team in third-hour ICP. I am too cool. Actually, no, my friends are, and I owe them each some inter-school-mail-candy, since I forgot my cash today. My friends are the loveliest people alive.


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

Thank you for including me in the category of "the lovliest people aliv." That is if I am your friend...right?

10:25 AM


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