"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


This Post is All About The Frater.

This morning, I walked into the French room, where we were listening to the "ghetto rap" mix CD Paul made Madame. (Note to self: Make a much more kick-ass mix CD in order to beat Paul at everything, not just Simon Dit.) Eventually, we traversed down to the computer lab, where we are actually supposed to be. The door is locked, though, so we just stand there for a very long time looking moronic. Madame says something about ghetto rap, and then makes us say our Je Vous Salue Marie in a crazed attempt to get the surrounding classrooms to think we are insane. Then we have actual loudspeaker prayer, and, for some reason, The Frater feels like joining us in our huddle of homeless people outside of room P102. Finally someone comes with keys, and asks where our teacher is, and Madame goes, "I am right here. I know I look too young to be a student, but I'm not."

We shuffle into the computer lab, and Madame makes us say Je Vous Salue Marie again, this time for The Frater, who has, for whatever reason, accompanied us. Then we get to work on our chapter quizzes and whatnot while The Frater chats with (read: flirts with... wow, good times whispering with Chelsea and Maggie) Madame. After we finish our quizzes, we have to look for recipes for food day on Friday. "Food day" is actually a nice way of saying "Kellinka is Madame's favorite so we get a party on her birthday." Just kidding. I am going to make the most unhealthy thing ever, butter cookies, and also bring in a birthday treat, thus making everyone fat.

Anyway, after someone pried The Frater away, we talked to Madame about some very interesting things. Madame quoted Finding Nemo and called me a jellybean. I am not joking, no, she said, "You know what I mean, jellybean?" Chellie decided I would be a green jelly bean, or the most random Jelly Belly around. I also decided that Maggie has Smurf kleenex.

We went to English, and then to the longest church service ever. Except for last week's assembly. Man alive. Anyway, Chelsea left in the middle because she wasn't feeling good. Then I headed off to ICP, where it occurred to me that Lab Partner is a moron. Theology... simple questions immediately become satanism to Toe Touches, that was fun.

During lunch, I had the best discussion in the history of forever with Maggie. It was about The Frater. Yes, we discussed his flirting tactics, about how, if he was not The Frater, we would flirt back, and how we are going to write a series of children's books based on the antics of The Frater. Since this was the most brilliant idea ever, we went to tell Kara and Emily. They loved it. Kara is totally our illustrator, and The Frater's prom date in the book The Frater Goes to Prom. Paul came over and started babbling mindlessly about his mockingbird-like fixation with Emily's barette. Then Paul and Maggie started cussing each other out (not really) and Emily, Kara, and I had to split them up. Paul had the cruelest diss in the history of cruel Paul disses, even meaner when he called me a drug-addled typist. Pencil Case then tried to start abusing me, but gave up quickly when I grabbed his wrists in some strange sort of death lock.

The rest of the day, obviously, just was not going to top this. I guess tomorrow we have some sort of wheelchair basketball assembly, but I heard it might involve Senora G trying to play basketball. No, not only trying to play basketball, but in a wheelchair. I am so there. And, no, we're not trying to mock the handicapped. There is actually a professional wheelchair basketball team, and they are going to play various chosen members of the student body and faculty, who will be disadvantaged since they aren't usually in wheelchairs. It is supposed to be inspirational, so we will go along with that.

I'm off to have The Frater sign some papers saying we can use his image and likeness in our brilliant and amazing picture books.


Blogger Magster babbled mindlessly...

HAHAHA!!! We are SO cool!! That was the best! And meanie bob, Paul!!! Kellie, this is getting blogged about tomorrow (that's when I will have time.)

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