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Politically Incorrect

So, today began with me not waking up and missing my bus. La Mere swears that she woke me up at ten to seven and I said, "okay, whatever!" but I have no recollection of this. I was obviously still asleep, just like The Ostrich is obviously on drugs. Anyway, La Mere nicely drove me to school rather than yelling at me, which was very nice.

After scheduling an appointment with my counselor for class registration next year and picking up my library pass, I moseyed into the French room, where we were listening to ABBA. Oh my gods. You have no idea how much I love ABBA. I would give up Ricky for ABBA. Anyway, Maggie and I were belting it out at the tops of our lungs and decided that ourselves and Chellie would have to go see Mamma Mia! on student rush when it comes to the PAC. Then Madame was dancing whilst stapling, which made Maggie and I laugh.

In ICP, we watched more Star Wars. I think Adult Hermione thinks I am a troublemaker of some sort because she always sits directly behind me. Actually, that is just where the best seat is, and it's not like there's a particular struggle to see over my head.

Theology was where all the excitement and fake-detention began. Those of us who forgot our textbooks were sent to get them and were told to report to Toe Touches's room after school for detention. I was all mad, because Toe Touches is oftentimes ridiculous, and so I had to call La Mere and tell her how stupid it was and ask her to pick me up at five, since I could just stay for Phonathon. Anyway, Pencil Case was there, and he goes, "Madame! You should talk to La Mere!" for what reason I haven't the foggiest. Anyway, I returned to my duties as a dutiful typist after that.

Anyway, I reported to my fake detention after school ended. It lasted all of, oh, ten minutes. I feel I should make some quotes from the following events, and Phonathon.

Pencil Case, holding a blue lip pop to his lips: Look! I have blue lips! I'm dying of hypothermia!
Me: Oh my gosh! The other day, I ate one of those blue candy canes, and my lips and fingers were blue into the next day!
Pencil Case, holding up his pointer finger: Did you run around like this and say, I voted!

Madame: Kellinka, go close that box.
Pencil Case, laughing: Oh my god, Kellinks, your hair looks terrible!
Me: Shut up!
Madame: Yes, Pencil Case, you should shut up. You should be doing that. She's a girl.
Me: Thank you, Madame.
Pencil Case: Why?! Is that the way they'd do it in Russia?!
Madame: Yep.
Frau: Actually, Russia is a lot like China. If you're the firstborn and you're a girl, they just bury you alive. Madame was lucky to escape.

Me, at Phonathon, calling Mr. Lemorande: Hi, is Mr. Lemonade there?

Pencil Case and I were also going to pretend to be foreign exchange students in hopes of garnering more money, but Mr. B said that wasn't legal. We also bugged Brownie for a while, and she was very nice and collage-y. In the car, La Mere was so confused about the phone call.

La Mere: So Madame wanted to talk to me?
Me: No. No. Pencil Case wanted her to talk to you. I guess he thinks the two of you together on the phone would create a big vortex of awesome.
Pencil Case: It would!
La Mere: Well, maybe Madame and I will just have to sit down and have a cocktail. I think we'd get along well.

So, Madame, there you have it, an official invitation to drink with my mom. (Please say no.)


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