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Not a Tumor

Today in French, we went down to the computer lab again to look for recipes. Except that I already have my recipe, which is Silverware and Paper Plates with a Side of Birthday Treat, so I just got to play on the computer for all of class. Well, actually, I wrote an e-mail to La Mere, since we're having a rather in-depth e-mail discussion about girlfights. Somewhere in the process of writing this, Madame decided I was a good typist and that she is going to put me to work at lunch tomorrow.

We also discussed shoes, and then I visited Go Fug Yourself, which caused Madame to make this hilariously appalled face at the picture of Juliette Lewis and go, "Who is that?" Pencil Case and I then showed her (perfect) RateMyTeacher.com ratings, and then I was sent up to get the grading scale sheet in the room. Pencil Case wanted to accompany me, but he was irritating me and I kept threatening to strangle him, so Madame wouldn't let him in order to give me a break. She said, as always, "Let me think about that. No."

In English, we did not discuss Punxatawney Phil. Thank God. I hate that damn rodent.

Magically, again, bombed the ICP test. That will go over well with the conversation La Mere, who thinks I don't understand physics, and I just had. Then I fidgeted for the rest of class until Adult Hermione said, "Okay, people, settle down and stop moving!" Wait. Holy shit! I didn't bomb my test, I got a C! Just as I was thinking, "Hey, I'll look at PowerSchool, maybe I got a D, I could use a D..."

During lunch, Paul tortured Maggie. Maggie also had a lump on her leg.

Maggie: I have a lump on my leg.
Me: Maybe it's a tumor.
Maggie, in an Ahnuld voice: It's not a tooooooh-mur.
Bet: Okay, maybe it's a cyst.
Me: Or you have an ovary growing in your leg.
Bet: Yeah, I bet it's an ovary.

We also had cupcakes that had frosting that looked like Cookie Monster since it's the school's fifteenth birthday. Then Mags and I went to visit Madame so I could work out the details of my new occupation. Then Pencil Case, who was already in the room, started making up random crap on the board to see if the random crap was actual French words.

Pencil Case: Hey, Madame, does this mean anything. [Points to "la gymnon"]
Madame: No. Are you trying to spell "jiminy"?

Madame, on the lip pops French Club is selling: They're really big. It takes, like, two hours to eat one.

Me, reading the lip pop flavors: Mountain berry. That is not an artificial flavor. They should just call it blue raspberry, which is what it actually is.
Pencil Case: Kellinka, I grew up in Colorado. I should know that mountain berry is totally a real flavor.
Me: Well, Pencil Case, I grew up in Wisconsin. I know everything about cheese.

The rest of the day was very boring except that I was oh-so-hypocritically yelled at during the fire drill. I hate it when adults don't follow their own rules.


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

I really love how Madame just assumes that when I jibberish, I am implying to say "jiminy."

12:07 PM

Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

The word "write" is supposed to be between I nad Jibberish.

12:08 PM

Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

DAMMIT! I meant to say "and" not nad.

12:09 PM


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