"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Not Rain Man

Today started out in French, where I randomly remembered the French term for nail polish. Then we brought back the infamous celebrity pictures to discuss, en francais, what the celebrities were wearing.

Madame, pointing to Ashton Kutcher's necklaces: How would you say necklace? He has two necklaces on, he's a pretty boy!

Madame, pointing to a picture of GWB: We all know who this is, right? I just want to make sure that you kids are not politically stupid, and you don't sign up to end women's suffrage or whatever. Seriously, on this show on Comedy Central, these two guys set up a booth with a big sign that said 'End Women's Suffrage!' and a bunch of women came up to sign the petition.
Almost everyone: Um, what show was that on?
Madame: Oh, I don't remember.
Someone: You watch The Man Show?!
Madame: Well, I don't make a POINT to watch it. It was just sort of on the TV.

[We look at a picture of Kate Hudson wearing what appears to be a towel.]
Me, en francais: She is wearing a towel.
Madame: What are you talking about? Where?
Me: Well, her dress certainly looks like a towel!

Madame, talking about Justin Timberlake: He just has such a tiny head.

Anyway, we also had a jacket made of cow, a picture that looked a ton like Super Brooker, and me randomly shouting "shoulder pads!"

During lunch, Madame was looking up Bosse's in the phone book. She said the number out loud, then dialed it. Then she put the phone book away, and later, she decided to call back.

Madame: Kellinka, do you remember the phone number for Bosse's?
Me: No. I'm not Rain Man.
Madame: Oh, come on. You're pretty close!

Then I got upset (not about that, about other things) and then I was told to drink warm milk and count sheep, which made me laugh very hard. Really though, imagine, if you will, that Madame would become lactose intolerant and could no longer have warm milk. All hell would break loose.

Finally, Pencil Case came back during art. He has wonderful skills. Sadly, Barbie managed to go a whole class period without saying something stupid. At least not in my earshot.

Ugh, history. Now I can't transfer out of that class until at least next Tuesday. That was really, really frustrating. Now I have to write that stupid essay for Monday. Gosh. B-Squared should get his own tots as far as I care! (That totally relates to my minor losing-control-of-my-brain in the corridor on the way to English class, Chelsea.)

Senora G: My god! That's like feeding crack to a drug addict!


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