"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Me Small Child

So, moment of silence. Today was my last day in the Evil History Class. Moment over. Tomorrow, I get to go to Cool History Class with Chellie. The only things I'm going to miss about the EHC are these: conversation days, sitting in front of Bet, my lone class with Larry, being in class with Bet, Larry, Chelsey, and Ariel.

This just in: French fries are "not a lunch." Also, if you insist that you are fine with just your French fries, certain individuals will give you standard grandma-guilt about it.

Madame: She is so British. She is like the Supernanny!

Confession: I love Supernanny. In fact, I often go around saying, "That was very naughty!" in a British accent for no good reason.

I forgot to mention that I humiliated myself on Saturday. Chelsea and I were having a good little conversation with Mr. Brooker, who has not actually discovered our blogs and does not read the bloglisting. Yet. Now that we told them they exist, he will probably go find them. Chels and I were discussing this today, and we realized that Mr. Brooker basically gets paid to chastize people, expell people, and read blogs, which means that I would kick ass at that job. (See, this is what we get done in English class when Poppa G takes us to the computer lab. Also, Mr. Brooker, if you are reading this, I do think there is more to your job. Like telling people to take off their North Face fleeces.)

Today in art, we lit hair on fire. Note that we were not actually supposed to be lighting hair on fire, but, for the record, it was Pencil Case's idea. Like writing my name on one of the eggs for no good reason.


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