"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Maggie is an Old Man

So, my dog, Big Rita, had to go to the emergency vet last night. She has some sort of muscle breakdown in her shoulder, so we took her, and she had a bunch of x-rays, and now she's all whacked-out on muscle relaxants.

Last night, Maggie randomly IMed me, declaring, "I am an old man." That made me laugh for a very long time. Now she is cluthing a Minion of Sin to her chest and giggling maniacally.

So, after sending me on eight million trips up to the classroom, there was no time for me to type things and Madame just had me check her grammar and asked me a question about double prepositions.

In other grammar-related news, I am going to marry the subjunctive and have its babies. That conversation went something like this:
Erik: Seriously, people mess up the subjunctive all the time.
Me: I love the subjunctive! I am going to marry it and have little subjunctive babies.
Erik: I can only imagine what those babies will be named.

During lunch, it was "mix it up" day. Maggie and I actually had to attend lunch for reasons unbeknownst to us, so we mixed it up with Betty and Caitlin and sat by Emily, Kara, and Sarah, the coolest seniors. Kara is going to marry Josh Groban, and Emily assigned me with the job of making sure Paul does not sexually assault Maggie while she is away at college. Then Maggie made inappropriate comments and she and I got all addicted to animal cookies. No, not animal crackers, they said "Mrs. Pure's Funsnax Animal Cookies" on the label.

During math, IdiotRichard decided he would not shut up and therefore, we got a really large assignment. Thank you, IdiotRichard. Bet and I agreed that if we could kick one person out of our math class, it would be him.

In art, I finished my project. It is probably one of the nicer-looking things I have created. That is not necessarily a compliment, though, considering some of my previous art (see: the ridiculously hideous color wheel that looked like it was created by someone with Parkinson's.) Anyway, it was a very entertaining class, because Pencil Case told tales of wine with legs and we discovered that we both had midget rolls at Noodles and Company last night.

Oh, dinner. That was quite the event. It was basically driving around and disagreeing until we got our way and went not to Red Robin (Ricky's choice), Texas Roadhouse (La Mère's choice), but to Noodles and Company. This driving around involved La Mère being crabby, then being happy, and then calling Ricky a walrus, then freaking out because "I Like the Way you Move" was on the radio and she loves that song.

Go read a wonktastic tale of nothingness.

Anyway, I have to catch up on my slackeriffic history homework and then I'm going to go watch the DVD Crazy Aunt sent me.


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