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This post is just going to ever-evolve, because today is a ginormous day with so much going on. It's the blog's first birthday, and I'm not really sure how in the hell I'm supposed to commemorate that. Maybe I should compare the blog at the beginning to the blog now, but I'm not sentimental enough. Yes, I've grown. Yes, I now know how to make links instead of just ploomping the URLs randomly into parentheses. I sadly think I still have the same taste in music, just with more of an affinity for the 80s and musical theater. Which means I am becoming more and more a stereotypical homosexual man by the year, which is great.

This is why I didn't write a commemorative post. I just start to babble and make very little sense. So I am just going to talk about Das Chelseahaus. I am also going to save this as a draft and edit it when I get home from SS, which you wouldn't know unless I told you. Shutting up now, and talking about Casa Van Chelsing.

Chelsea's was lovely. We played DDR, which I was terrible at, because I have never played the actual video game version. Chelsea and Pencil Case were both really good, though, because they are dorks. Pencil Case laughed maniacally at me and said, "Kellinka, you are so bad. You are so much better on pen and paper, really." Thanks, Pencil Case.

You will never guess what they had for me upstairs. Cake!! Yes, very delicious cake! There were candles all around the inside, and one in the middle. Pencil Case was hoping they were trick candles, but they weren't, except that I lit all of the ones on the ends before going for the middle one, which caused me to attempt to light the middle one and shout "IT BURNS!" Pencil Case then said, "God, let a man do it!" and did the exact same thing except he didn't get nearly as close to the middle candle as I did. We listened to the Big: the Musical cast recording, which was cool. Pencil Case filled us in on all the behind-the-scenes details of the musical, like that Adult Hermione made him watch 'NSync DVDs to help him dance better and that they have to put condoms on the microphones. I am very excited to see the musical, though, and I'd have to say my favorite songs on the cast recording were "Cross the Line" and "Coffee Black."

We went back downstairs to play Karaoke Revolution. I was thoroughly expecting to suck at this one, too, with my lack of singing talent (especially compared to Pencil Case and Chelsea). But I didn't! I actually earned gold records, which means you don't suck in Karaoke Revolution speak. Pencil Case has an absolutely lovely voice, and Chelsea only sang about half a song due to her Flonase. We then decided to play charades, which involved:
  • me shouting "COMO ESTAS?!"

  • Pencil Case saying things in Australian accents

  • Chelsea saying that on opposite day, your pillow sleeps on you

  • This morning wasn't interesting in the slightest yet. Ricky's SMS forensics competition got canceled and Das Vater is all upset that they're going to reschedule it, because Ricky worked so hard. Because, you know, he's just automatically going to suck if it's next weekend. It's kind of frustrating to know that, last year, he totally forgot about mine and let me sleep through it, but he gets all worked up about Ricky's. Oh, well. I also cut myself shaving and I'm just going to shut up and go listen to Les Miz, I'll be back with the SS update sometime around... well, very early tomorrow morning.

    4:43 PM: Betty Jean is accompanying us in our SS dinner plans, now that she's finally decided to go. I just got back from seeing The Wedding Date with her, which was very predictable but cute nonetheless.

    I am so freaking nervous right now. I have never been anyone's date before, and I have a large feeling I will be a bad one. Okay. Seriously going to get ready now, since Amy is coming over and I love Amy and her girlfight-breaking-up self. I will edit this again after the dance.


    Blogger Felicity Finn babbled mindlessly...

    Ahh. Your life is so interesting. Write a book. I beg you. Hmm, my favorite part about this post is..."I sadly think I still have the same taste in music, just with more of an affinity for the 80s and musical theater. Which means I am becoming more and more a stereotypical homosexual man by the year, which is great." Yah, definitely made it to the AIM profile. I know, you are honored. Whatevah.

    Marv. post, my love.

    12:36 AM

    Blogger Afarin babbled mindlessly...

    AUGH! I am horribly sorry I missed your birthday. I totally knew it was coming up, too, but school and everything else has kind of taken over my brain right now...so I'm only coming around these parts now. Anyway, happy belated brithday; I hope it was lovely!!!

    Also, I think your taste is music is great, I love that you compared yourself to a stereotypical homosexual man, and I have a feeling you were a fantastically charming date! Hope the dance was fun. :)

    11:42 AM

    Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

    Awwww, you two. Thanks muchly.

    12:01 PM


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