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Happy Groundhog Day

What the hell kind of a holiday is Groundhog Day? Honestly, only in the United States do we have such a ridiculous holiday, if one can even call it that. This conversation pretty much sums up my feelings on Groundhog Day, although I have to admit that I love the Bill Murray movie of the same name.

Me, writing the date on my French test: It's Groundhog Day.
Megan: Yup, he saw his shadow.
Madame: He's a groundhog, what does he know?!

During the announcements, they announced that we'd be having our NDA Serves free day on Valentine's Day. Maggie and I were mad, because you're supposed to go to school and be depressed with the other single people on Valentine's Day, and Madame was mad, because that was the day we were supposed to distribute Lip Pops for French Club. First Frau popped her head in, and basically laughed at Madame, who was all, "I don't think I like that Mr. B anymore." Then Mr. B popped his head in, probably after hearing a rumor from Frau that Madame was upset with him, and goes, "Yeah, I just came to say thank you." They had a conversation, which I'm sure was very entertaining, but I was busily scribbling answers on my French test.

The test was very easy. Well, except for the part where, when it came to writing about supermarkets, I forgot the word for "everything" and put down a phrase that literally translates to "the whole world", because, yes, you can buy the whole world at a supermarket. It was rather ridiculous. If I said that to a French person, they would think I had some sort of mental disorder. Which I probably do.

Bet decided to torture me again in ICP. As a good little girl, I decided to tell the authority figure of the room.

Me: Adult Hermione, can you please tell Bet the KGB doesn't exist?
Adult Hermione: Why does she think it exists?
Me: Because she is tormenting me and I'm afraid of it.
Adult Hermione: Why, may I ask, are you afraid of the KGB?
Me: I have a strong fear of privacy invasion.
Adult Hermione, laughing way too hard: Big Brother is watching you!

During theology, I got up to blow my nose. This led to Toe Touches totally interrupting his lesson to ask if I was feeling okay. I replied, "Yes, I'm fine, I'm just going to blow my nose" but Toe Touches didn't continue his lesson until I sat back down, which led to me feeling that the whole room was watching me while I blew my nose. God.

Maggie didn't feel so hot during lunch, and I wasn't hungry, since we were on a short schedule, so we hung out in the French room and worked on our Chapter Seven vocabulary. Yay for "un t-shirt". Anyway, we discussed my weird dreams, Maggie made fun of my subconscious, we discussed our plans for Valentine's Day, and had other random discussions. Oh, and Chellie, the possible 3-to-a-room on the Eurotrip will possibly be fine... [Napoleon voice] yesssssss [end of Napoleon voice]. I am excited for that trip already, most definitely.

Wheelchair basketball was okay. It would have been funnier if more authority figures had fallen down. Maggie and Iz and I had a good time laughing, though. Iz gets way into the basketball aspect of it all, which is great.

During history, Kieran asked B-Squared for scissors. B-Squared gave it to them, and Kieran sits down and starts to cut his hair. B-Squared has a 'wtf' look on his face, and says, "If I knew you were going to cut your hair, I wouldn't have given them to you!" Kieran replies, "But someone put gum in my hair!" There wasn't any gum that I noticed, and B-Squared made him put the scissors back. That was our entertainment for the class, though, since we basically just continued being moronic.

I would also like to mention Pencil Case's brilliant portrait of Bet, which she showed me after third hour. Hilarious. And, no, I am not bringing birthday treats to any of my classes on Friday but French. Maybe if you're special and not in French, like Betty Jean, you will get one. But, when it boils down to it, I just don't love you all as much as I love my French people. And, if you aren't a Frenchie, please don't ask me for a freaking treat, because then you're definitely not going to get one. Capice?


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...


I hate Groundhog's day. The groundhog, though, reminds me of Madame as an animal.

8:19 AM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

You are just pissed because you were making things up. Yay for irregular verb quizzes.

8:20 AM


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