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Good Times, Even Without "Vogue"

I swear to god, I requested "Vogue" about 2,567 times last night. They never played it. Maggie and I were so upset, we were just going to bust out into random hot Vogue-dancing, but the administration obviously is afraid of our hotness or something. We decided that at my wedding reception, there will be the Maggie, Kellinka, and Nobody Else Dance, and it will be "Vogue."

Despite all of that, last night was lovely. We met up with Chelsea and David at Victoria's and had a lot of hilarious discussion.

David: He always calls me "Da-weed." Da-weeeed. It makes me sound like a drug runner or something.

Me, babbling about pasta as I often do: Yes, angel hair from a box is not real angel hair. It is more like spaghetti.
David: Did you just say it's more like Hispanics?

Maggie, when we finally got to the table: Hey, what did you guys talk about for the half hour we weren't here?
Chelsea and David: Strong Bad!

The dance was so much fun. Slut-dancing and gay-man-salsaing with Mags! They played "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk, which pretty much completed my life. Pencil Case took a lot of great pictures of Maggie and I whoring it up for the camera. I said, "God, I feel like a whore" and started belting out "Lovely Ladies" from Les Miz and David sang the male part/second verse. I also gave certain sleazy people the finger, w00t.

I didn't wake up until 12 this morning. I was so, so tired and probably deaf at the time. So, now I am going to go eat some lunch. Sweetheart Switch is, oh, roughly 6,789 times better than Fall Fest, or, as Das Vater calls it, "Fake Homecoming." That should be the official title, Fake Homecoming. Although I have to say that SS had just as much sleazy sex-with-clothes dancing and just as many chaperones who didn't tell them to "leave a little room for Jesus." Those bitches.


Blogger Van Chelsing babbled mindlessly...

Sweetheart Switch was honestly the most fun I've ever had. My feet are still recovering from those damn conversation hearts that were all over the ground. *angry face* I loved dancing with you... again. And I loved that you unbuckled my shoes again. And this time I didn't even get interrogated. Okay, and my mom just walked by.
My mom: You're doing a Blooger? Blogger?
Me: No, I'm just leaving comments.

shhhhh don't tell

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