"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Fax Machine

So, that title is totally devoted to Emily. Or, moreso, Maggie and I mocking Emily's dirty-secretary-alter-ego self. Yessssss.

Friday was brilliant. I went straight from school to Mags's house, and we ate the pasta we'd craved all day and that I'd been bribed with, and cookies, and water, and other delicious delicacies. Anyway, we arrived uber-early and so Paul called me "dirty usher." Thanks, catty yuppie bitch.

Then I met up with my fellow usherfolk. Elizabeth and Iz were at my door, which is a blast. We ran into ABC and her roomate, and Iz and I almost died. I also introduced myself to Mrs. Enegy, since she knows my dad and I talked to her on the telephone at Phonathon. That conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Hi, I'm Kellinka (Lastname.)
Mrs. Enegy: Oh, that's right! Andrew's daughter! I talked to you for Phonathon!
Me: Yes, yeah.
Mrs. Enegy: He and my younger sister were really good friends, they worked together... I think they even dated for a while!
Me: [shocked silence.]

Then Emily, Bet, Pencil Case, Mags, and I piled into the Cruiser and high-tailed it home for the cast party. We changed our clothing and Pencil Case took his pancake off with baby wipes. Then others started arriving. It was a blast. It involved Schmidty and Adult Hermione being bad catholics and eating subs WITH MEAT before the stroke of midnight, the Cha-Cha Slide, the Time Warp, Erik and I losing at pool, and Paul putting Speed Stick on Schott's face as he slept.

After everyone left, and after a bit of hanging out and chatting with Emily and Mrs. R, Mags and I hauled our skinny bums downstairs and pretty much crashed. We didn't wake up until eleven, when we heard Emily giggling manically.

Mrs. R: Maggie! Kellie! Get up here!
[Five minutes later, after we finally walk up the stairs.]
Mrs. R: Grandma has a boyfriend. [We all laugh, Mrs. R talks more about the boyfriend.] She seems a lot more up, though. Even when she was talking about her hemmorhoids, she didn't seem too down. [Emily and I totally lose it.]

Then Mags, Emily, and I sat around eating "breakfast" (at noon) of cheese cubes, cookies, and Wheat Thins and recounting the events of the night. Maggie also told several of the same stories she told about eighteen hours before, when we were also sitting at the island and eating.

Anyway, the musical is very, very good. Pencil Case is sheer brilliance, and Emily (and the fax machine) is equally genius. Everyone does a really nice job, and Gina does "Stop, Time" perfectly. I'd have to say that tonight's performance went better than opening night, since the cast seemed more in their element. Plus, ushers get the special priveledge of front-row seats, which means you are so close that, well, you can see a certain someone's electric blue underpants during the high kicks in "Cross the Line"... I guess that runs in the family. I jest, partially. Very brilliant, and La Mere was highly impressed with Big Ben's beard. The best numbers are "Coffee, Black" and "Cross the Line", followed by "Stop, Time", and, of course, "Fun", with the infamous fax machine line that will never be not funny.

Also, during intermission, Chelsea and I took our flashlights on the second-floor hallway and went "ghost hunting." This involved running, and Chelsea falling over, and me sliding across the floor in my nylon stockings.

Me: Whoa. He has enormous feet. And you know what that means...
Chelsea: A big winky!
[Chelsea and I totally crack up. We're dirty.]


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

You whore!

Screw "Coffee, Black" and "Cross The Line!"

What ever happened to "Can't Wait" or "Dancing All The Time/I Want To Know?"

I thought we were friends...

P.S. - If you take my comment, and read it the wrong way by accident, you could end up reading, "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane."

3:39 PM

Blogger H babbled mindlessly...

I'm sorry that I'm some random creepy person reading your blog, but I must say that I really enjoy it!!! I like your blog!!! That sounds like a bad pick-up line. Yes well I'm going to stop talking now.

7:05 PM


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