"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Bon Anniversaire

If you haven't heard, it's my fifteenth birthday. So, leave a nice comment saying happy birthday to me.

Today started out at my locker, which Maggie had ever-so-gorgeously decorated. And there was a feather boa and pink foam tiara inside to wear! I am still wearing the boa right now. I dropped my food off in the French room, then, and Kayleigh told the greatest story ever about her food for French Food Day:

"Yeah. I spent four hours making my food last night, and I got home from work at eleven. See, first I made Jello. But it turns out, when you put Jello on whipped cream, it kind of goes... glurp. So I got really frustrated, and then I just went and got some Betty Crocker and made a cake. (Laughter.) Hey, look at my burn. Isn't that cool? I got it at work on the grill. Yeah, it was fine for a few days, but last night, it just started oozing."

Kayleigh tells the best stories ever. Then Maggie and I went to ask Frau where Madame went, and Frau babbled a bunch of stuff about birthdays in German. None of which I understood, but the meaning got across well. Kind of.

Anyway, we traversed down to the South Commons Meeting Room, infamous site of our feast. Maggie and I decided to bitch Mr. B, who was visiting Madame (of course), out for canceling school on Valentine's Day.

Me: Yes, on Valentine's Day, I enjoy coming to school. I give my friends Teletubby Valentines and we make fun of the lovey-dovey people and feel really single. But you had to take that joy away from us.
Mr. B: So, you can give them Valentines on the next day! Seriously, historically, Valentine's Day was celebrated on the fifteenth, right, Frater? (Yes, The Frater was also there.)
The Frater: Yes! Of course!
Maggie: Ooh, The Frater's good at lying.
Me: Yes. He should play poker more often.

Anyway, it was a highly eventful class. My Chellie was back, and therefore, my birthday being was complete. Plus, she gave me the greatest birthday card in the history of forever.

Mr. B: Kellinka, cucumbers are bad for you.
Me: I don't like cucumbers, I like pickles.
Mr. B: Oh, those are bad for you, too. They actually have DDT in them.

Chelsea: I love that all these random male faculty members keep popping in and out for the sole purpose of eating and flirting with Madame! (Truest observation of the day.)

Pencil Case: Madame, what would you call me in French?
Madame: Benji. (Gives us a big speech about how our names are a huge expression of ourselves.) Although, if we were Russian, I would probably call Kellinka "[Random Russian Name I Can't Remember.]"
Me, after the laughter subsides: Um. Why?
Madame: Because all the [Random Russian Name I Can't Remember]s are very energetic and bubbly, like you.
Pencil Case: Hey, what would you call me in Russian?
Madame: Benji.

Madame: When I was a little girl, I really wanted to be an astronaut. Am I an astronaut? No. Look at how that worked out.

Anyway, after Madame randomly wore my pink tiara, it was time for English with Chels. The best part of the class was Poppa G going, "Uncle Chett!!"

In ICP, we decorated the board all up, for it was also Adult Hermione's birthday. She and I agreed that people with February 4th birthdays are the coolest.

During lunch, I got Noodles from Das Vater. How nice. Then I went to Madame to type, and Maggie went to make master keys in different colors of pen. I was agitated at the laptop, and Madame was agitated at the Eddie Bauer people and a British lady who apparently can't spell. Maggie just laughed at us, all content with her different colors of pen. Although, I have to admit that it was pretty funny when Madame said, "Just because you are from England doesn't mean you don't have to spell things correctly!" to her computer.

We have had a grand total of two fire drills today. Hello, overkill. And snaps for me for getting a grand total of 48% on my algebra quiz. But, DDR at Chellie's tonight, so it's allllllll good.


Blogger Van Chelsing babbled mindlessly...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLINKA DEAREST!!! I hope you had a good birthday. Talking with Madame about our names was great. I can't wait for DDR! You better watch out, I may look slow, but I can get my feet dancin' pretty darn tootin' fast! hah. Not really.

4:12 PM

Blogger Jules the Crazy babbled mindlessly...

By all means, a wonderful birthday to you! And on a Friday, no less--a good day to celebrate your special day.

Have a very happy fifteenth!

5:26 PM

Blogger allishka babbled mindlessly...

happy birthday kellie!! hope u had a great day n got lots of presents!

love ya,

6:56 PM

Blogger Felicity Finn babbled mindlessly...

Do I really have to wish you birthday a trillion times today? Yes. I do. I have never actually met you or had a completely weird yet traditional conversation about anything and everything sexual, and I am still the coolest person you know. Eh, it is all because I said Happy Birthday a trillion times today. I am rad. And, so are you. Yayy.

Have a good one, yo.

8:44 PM

Blogger Magster babbled mindlessly...

Yes! I WAS content with my colored pens! Happy birthday!

9:39 PM

Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

Well, bitch, I hope you are having a WONDERFUL birthday! DDr was very fun, but you tend to suck up the joint. Hee. No offence. Charades was fun, too. I espicially loved that Chellie gave away, like, 82% of them! I hope you have a good sleep tonight, and are ready for the big SS tomorrow! See you then!

-Pencil Case &)

11:05 PM


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