"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Bon Anniversaire (Again)!

Today is the birthday of everyone's favorite ass-kicking French teacher, Madame. Please warm up your vocal chords for a rousing rendition of "Bon Anniversaire." Actually, no, I know you people, and you can't sing very well, although you might believe so while singing in the shower.

This is what I did today:
1. Made Madame cry.
2. Ate an elf.
3. Had to see my counselor.
4. Decided to elaborate on numbers 1-3 so that you don't get convinced that I'm a lunatic.

I suppose we should start at the top, which is, as always, French class. Last night, I made Madame a card full of all the funny things she says, and Pencil Case, Chelsea (who was back!), Mags, and I all signed it. Anyway, Madame laughed very, very hard. Maggie and I were sitting on the heater at the time, and about a minute after the laughter ceased, she sniffled! Yep, I made Madame cry, and she insists it was from laughter.

Anyway, after a few Kleenexes, we got back to our infamous colors from yesterday. Chatouillez-moi rose was declared "a Maggie and Paul creation", which is why it requires quotes. Then Madame just started rambling about something, and there was a very long pause after this ramble, and after the pause, Maggie verbalized what everyone was thinking and said, "Madame, what are you talking about?"

During English, Chellie and I had a very long discussion about tuberculosis, and in ICP, we finished watching Star Wars.

After theology, I headed up to lunch. All I ate was one of Maggie's elf cookies, which was rather delicious if I do say so myself. See, the thing you have to understand is that "lunch" now means "hanging out in the French room with Maggie and Madame." Anyway, we didn't really get much work done. Instead, we talked about families, how I look taller than I am because I wear heeled shoes and have long legs, what our parents do as a job, massages, why Maggie should work at ToysRUs, and how my mom thinks she and Madame would be good drinking buddies. Madame wants me to show her pictures of my other family members, because she doesn't know them, so I suppose I will have to find some that have the La Mere Sign of Non-Embarassment Approval, meaning Ones Where La Mere Looks Nice.

During art, I was told, "Could you please sit down and not talk anymore?", which really just made Pencil Case and I laugh for a very, very long time while attempting to look like we weren't laughing. It was quite the daunting task.

We had conversation again in history, which made me feel smart, as always. Even better, I said smart things in front of Principal, who probably hasn't a clue who I am. Then I went to do my schedule with Counselor, who is a very kind lady. We actually just ended up talking about how I'm not good at science and about how Poppa G is the most brilliant man alive.

After school, I felt like I needed candy, so I pulled the Kate trick. For those of you who do not know the Kate trick, it goes like this, "Oh no! I'm diabetic! And my blood sugar is low! I need some candy, otherwise I'll die!"


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Whoa. Holy shit, look at this fanfuckingtastic comment setup. Haha, it is almost as cool as forged passes (Go Liz!) and faux diabetics (GO KATE!). And, aw, Madame. I can't wait to be in your class.

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