"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Abercrombie is Satan

The title is the topic that dominated roughly 15-20 minutes of our French class today. It involved the random and hilarious ramblings of Madame, specifically about how they had shirtless boys parading around Fox River Mall advertising said store. The ramble wrapped up with a very depressed, "And the half-naked guys weren't even cute."

Guy: David thinks that because he's in the musical, he has special priveleges.
David: I don't have special priveleges. I have special powers!

Chelsea and I talked for all of English again. This is what happens when Poppa G gives us work time: "Chelsea, do you make smily-exclamation points on all your assignments?" "Yes! And look! I can make a cyclops!" [Minutes of maniacal laughter follow.]

During lunch, Maggie bribed me with carbohydrates and we calculated our BMIs. It was endlessly exciting, as you can probably tell. I tried to call La Mere, but I got her voice mail-- bitch, please.

In math, we had interesting discussions about our national debt. Then Idiot declared that all those uberrich athletes deserve what they're paid because they're putting themselves out there to the media and to injury. WTF, kid, then we should all get paid $10 million a year in case we slip on ice or break a limb. And, like teachers don't put themselves out in front of negative, sports-obsessed people like you? That is the best part, because he was comparing athletes to teachers and saying the athletes deserve what they're paid. That is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard in my short, but not too sheltered as far as stupidity goes, life.

Musical and Maggie's house tonight! *Dies of excitement.*


Blogger allishka babbled mindlessly...

hey i went to seventeen.com n did the bmi thing, n apparently, for ur age, ur not really underwieght after all! haha i just wanted to let u kno.

lil j

5:53 PM

Blogger Felicity Finn babbled mindlessly...

Holy Bajoly! We have shirtless Abercrombie boys at the mall by me. Only, the ones at my mall are picture perfecto. Well, their bodies are. Haha. I need a life/hobby. Really.

8:15 PM


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