"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Well. That Pretty Much Sucked.


I also hate science and math and C- on said science exams and also knowing I did really, really badly on said math exam.

Also, I'm depressed, because according to Pencil Case I missed the Funniest Thing Ever. And it involves Madame. Goddamnitalltohell. Another thing to add to the hate list: public transportation. Okay, now go to Pencil Case's blog and read his Funniest Thing Ever.

Anyway, Das Vater took me to Noodles and Company for lunch. I swear, all of freaking NDA was there. Barbie and her mother, my favorite substitute Mrs. M; Max From Math; the FemiNazi; Erin and Kathleen; a bunch of junior girls who I don't know; and someone who bore a disturbing resemblence to Mrs. Enegy. It was all so creepy.

Last night was very entertaining. I went to the study tables with Maggie, and we ran into Chelsea and Erik. Since they are all in the other history class, they were chatting about their essay questions. Since I am in my own retarded history class, I sat and read an issue of Time magazine about the science of happiness. It was very interesting. I was reading part of the article about which countries are happiest. Don't ask me how you measure happiness, but apparently they did, and Maggie had theories to why certain countries were so happy/unhappy.

"The Irish are happy because, well, all they do is drink."

"Who are the unhappiest?"
"The Russians and the Ukrainians."
"Oh! That's just because it's so cold and they don't have any space heaters."

Then Maggie and I ventured up to ABC's room for math help. Who else was there but... Paul! It was highly entertaining. ABC antagonized us, said dirty words, and threw a bouncy ball against the wall to thoroughly freak me out. Maggie, Paul, and I revealed our obscene mathematical retardation. I eventually felt like my brain was going to explode from all the numbers, so I moseyed back down to the library.

When I reached the library, I found Chelsea and Joseph, sitting at a table and talking. I decided to join them, since usually wherever one of them goes, hilarity follows. Anyway, we made fun of Chelsea's "bathroom passes" for The Frater's class, and the fact that you get extra credit for not having to pee. Joseph then told us a very elaborate story about how Mr. Blaney yelled at Liz in their history class.

"Well, it was during a test. And he swore Liz was talking, I don't know why, because she wasn't. And he yells at her, 'Liz! Stop TALKING!' And she just said, very quietly, 'Mr. Blaney, I wasn't talking.' He just yelled at her again, and she said, again, 'I wasn't talking.' And, well, have you seen Lord of the Rings, where Frodo sees the ring and his eyes go all *hand gesture*. Well, that's what Mr. Blaney did, except he yelled, 'SHUT UP!' at the same time."

Anyway, Principal was supervising us all in the library, and he noticed Joseph's wild facial expressions. He walked over and asked, "Ladies, is Joseph here bothering you?"

Then Joseph thought I was a foreign exchange student. This is the second time this year someone thought I was, and it completely baffles me. I don't look foreign, or at least I don't think so, and I don't have an accent, to the best of my knowledge.

Today on the way up the stairs after exams, Pencil Case screamed in the face of someone he didn't even know. It was hilarious.


Blogger allishka babbled mindlessly...

hey. i got a c- on my science exam to. worst ive ever done ever. :/ hope u feel better...at least theology was easy.


3:49 PM

Blogger Afarin babbled mindlessly...

Sorry to hear about the shitty exams. Unfortunately, sometimes, no matter what you do or how hard you study, exams just don't go your way. :( Oh well. It happens to the best of us. (I'd offer to help you with your math, but your being in a whole other country makes it a little bit difficult. Heh.)

9:34 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Hey, well, it turns out I'm not as mathematically retarded as I thought! Thank god!

7:42 PM


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