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This Music Ain't Got No Soul

Today started out with a very eventful drama club meeting during which Chelsea was fluffy.

Chels: G-Dawg! I'm fluffy!
G-Dawg: Okay.

Me, standing up and dancing: Hi, I'm Chelsea and I'm fluffy!

Me: Yo, G-Dawg, I think we need to come up with some forensics gang sinez at the meeting today.
G-Dawg: Oh, yeah. I'll have to remember to bring that up.
(I owe that brilliant idea to Miss Paprika, by the way.)

Then my eyes were scalded out by a blinding ray of sunlight. Yes, that's right, Madame was trying to blind us by not closing her blinds, and she freely admits this. I bought my French club sweatshirt, and then I idiotically donated the rest of the money I had on me to the tsunami victims, since I'd had a major brain spasm and forgotten that I needed to buy a lunch. Anyway, that was the majority of French class, except that we watched the rest of Home Alone and Pencil Case chucked a bean bag at my head. Oh, and then Pencil Case wrote his address for me on a sheet of paper, and insisted upon drawing a cat at the bottom. Then I went back to review my vocab with Chels, who thought I would be stumped by "mashed potatoes and gravy". Ah, but little did she know. Oh, and for those of you who were all concerned about it, Pencil Case is no longer mad at Madame for "walking through him while holding a hatbox", which is her description of the events which occured yesterday.

So, after French, we went to Poppa G's English. Unfortunately, Chelsea didn't flail and Poppa G's Favorite Reader didn't get to read. So, this left people to discuss how I give the impression of being a genius because I am tiny, bespectacled, and have a large vocabulary. Okay, then.

This segues nicely into ICP, since Adult Hermione is tiny, bespectacled, has a large vocabulary, and is most likely a genius. Yes, she made fun of us for our chemical reaction formulas and took much delight in this.

I can't remember what I did in theology. I think I was supposed to take a practice quiz for exams, but I finished it in a few minutes and I just wrote funny quotes all over the back of it. Since Legos is in my theology, the first one that came to mind was a quote from Chels about Legos himself: "I bet if you looked at him hard enough, you would discover that he is really made of Legos."

Then it was time for lunch. Chels donated four quarters to the Kellinka French Fry Fund. I ate my fries as fast as possible to go join Chels in the library. On my way in, Girly Sweater was leaving the library, and we exchanged funny faces and shimmys. Then Pencil Case kidnapped me to go roam the halls as we usually do. We checked in with Madame, but she was working and so we respected her space and didn't bother her. G-Dawg had a class, so Pencil Case decided we should go visit Schmidty. This lasted about a minute, and for some reason, the board in the band/choir room said something like "Ha ha ha ho hee hee ho ho hee." We laughed.

Then we looked at pictures by the auditorium. Pencil Case tried to kick me, but I pointed at him and shouted, "ABUSE! ABUSE!" Super Brooker and Tall Lady were right there. And Super Brooker looked very, very concerned. Pencil Case said, "She's kidding." Super Brooker asked me if I was kidding and I said, "Yes, I am kidding." Then he walked away, looking much less concerned, and Tall Lady just laughed at us and went into the auditorium.

During Algebra, ABC was pretending to be a small child. Then she became a Texan. And after that, we all took our freakishly easy quizzes on matrices. I traversed to gym, during which I caught a fly ball hit by FB. I was very proud, mostly because I cannot stand FB. World history was a bore because no one was the Dalai Lama. That really sucked. And now I'm in study hall, having printed out MapQuest directions for Pencil Case, typed up this entire boring entry, and I'm sitting next to Emily. I have a feeling that I will write another entry about my bound-to-be-eventful night sometime arounud 1:00 this morning, so you won't all miss me too much.

Wait, I'm back again. I just found out that Amy has gang sinez, and that just made my day.


Blogger mai babbled mindlessly...


I heart Miss Paprika. She's so great.

4:00 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Me, too. She is great. G-Dawg attempted to veto the gang sinez, but all the forensics team wanted them, so we're going to create them before the first meet. Oh, yes, we're nerds, in case I forgot to mention that bit.

4:31 PM

Blogger Afarin babbled mindlessly...

Oh. My. Gawd.

People (who aren't me) are TALKING about Gang Sinez?


I adore you both, by the way. Seriously.

WHEEEEEEEEE! *ecstatic gang sinez*

11:54 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Hahaha!!!! I knew you would be very happy!!!!!

By the way, Amy's gang sinez involve the middle finger, which is so non-Amy that I almost cried laughing so hard.

6:48 PM


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