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Swollen Glands and TV Dinner Boycotts

So, yesterday I was sick, as was Van Chelsing (who was again today). Certain people thought we'd cut class together, which I found hilarious for all the wrong reasons. First of all, I'm too much of a good girl. I hate to admit it, but I really am. Second of all, it would be so not fun, skipping school with my swollen glands and Chelsea's flu. Also, Maggie and Pencil Case definitely would have been there with us.

Anyway. I hate TV dinners so, so much. They are wrong on so many levels. The first being that every part of them is made of cardboard. And do you think anyone in Europe eats TV dinners? No. Because they have actual culture, and not what they think is culture based on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Really. My God.

Today was so non-noteable that I think I'm actually going to go do my history homework. I'd sleep, too, but Adult Hermione has guilted our entire study hall into never sleeping in school again by telling us how much our parents pay per semester for us to sit in study halls. Yeah, it's nice to know that my parents pay a large sum of money for fifty minutes where I sit down in a chair, blog, stare into space, and curse the preps that invade the library on a regular basis.

I think the most interesting part of my day was, sadly, in ICP when Adult Hermione checked book covers. Kirsch seemed to think, hey, she won't notice if I just oh-so-casually drape my folder over the book. Adult Hermione just laughed at him, asked if he really thought she was that stupid, and then antagonized him about it for the rest of class.

The forensics meeting was entertaining. Believe it or not, we actually went to our meeting instead of talking to Madame. Yes, well, mostly because Madame was not there, but also because we felt guilty about the last time. Anyway, Pencil Case became a man wearing a zoot suit, or 40s Man, we read notes that Senora G confiscates during her class, and certain people who should definitely not be looking at RateMyTeacher.com wanted to look at it. Oh, Pencil Case also hit me in the bum with the sticks from his locker shelf that he was also using to make a zoot suit out of his shirt.

After the meeting, we went to go wait for Das Vater. First Pencil Case accidently blew snow into his own eyes, which made me laugh forever. Then, instead of being a gentleman, he made me go fetch him a stick so that he could draw scatter plots in the snow. I said, "No, but Pencil Case! I am only a poor orphan immigrant child with cloth shoes!" But did he care? No. He made me fetch the stick anyway, and I got snow in my cloth shoes.


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