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Shocked and Awed

Like my entry from last weekend, this entry will cover a wide-sprawling maze of topics. But first, I feel, we have to cover the most important topic.

1. Exam Grades: Yes, my science exam grade was indeed a C-. But, much to my shock, awe, and surprise, all my other ones are extremely good. An A+ in French, an A in history, and... the most shocking of all... an A- in algebra. I feel smart. In fact, I just did my semester average, and depending on what I get in English, I'll either have a 9.5 or 9.3 semester GPA. Although that would require a 90 or above on my exam, I'm fairly sure I'm good there (and Poppa G tends to love the rounding). Wow, that's pretty cool, considering two weeks ago I'd just reached an 8.0. Wow, I love being a nerd and tormenting myself with grades and if/thens.

2. Lunch with D and Stary: So, Friday after school, I got to go to lunch with D and Stary. This involved Stary and I talking about all the ridonkulously bad teachers at SMS, Monty Python, Stary and I laughing hysterically at nothing, and stories about toupees.

3. Party at Kellinka's Place, Part Two Around 5:30ish, we picked up Maggie and Chelsea from Jekyll and Hyde set construction. We were just going to get settled in until Pencil Case stopped by, but then Pencil Case called saying he didn't have a ride. So La Mere, Maggie, Chelsea, and I went to pick him up. This involved a train, people packed in a car with steamy windows, and Chelsea's fear of bridges.

Chelsea, in her Napoleon Dynamite voice: Frickin' idiot!
La Mere: Kellinka! God, did you teach her that?

Then we got home. Everyone else ate pizza and I just ate cheesy bread. Because I am the lone citizen of America who does not like pizza, for those of you who were not aware. Anyway, after this, everyone devoured some weird two-year-old candy canes (again, I didn't, mainly because I knew better) and then we all played Balderdash with La Mere.

First we discussed, though, the fact that last Friday night, Pencil Case said to Fake Sick, "Good night, Ricky! I mean, Steve!" Note that Fake Sick's real name is neither Ricky nor Steve. Anyway, we decided that we're going to call Fake Sick "Ricky" for the rest of his life. But, without further ado, here are some of the more hilarious bits of Balderdash. Pencil Case, as usual, insisted upon constantly being the Dasher or the Balder or whatever he was possessed to call it at that moment. Anyway, initials/acronyms was our category du jour.

"G.O.T.A.: Ghetto Outfits That Ass-kick" -Maggie

"G.O.T.A.: Gothic Outcast Transexual Association" -La Mere

"D.C.F.C.: Demon Canary Fort Council" -Maggie

"G.A.T.F.: Grandmas and Telepathic Force" -Chels

"G.A.T.F.: Gay and Tittilating Fun" -Maggie

"B.L.O.W.S.: Boys Low on Wasabi Sauce" -Maggie

"F.P.A.: Flying Pharmacists of America" -This was the real answer.

"F.P.A.: Flailing Peaches Academy" -Chelsea

And, the hit of the night, coming from Van Chelsing: "N.P.G.A.: Narcoleptic Pissing Groin Association".

Anyway, then we went to watch Popular again, Pencil Case went home, leaving Maggie, Chelsea, and I to talk about deep girly things until morn. Also, we didn't have to see the food he was "storing up for later".

4. Set Construction:

Well, in the morning, Mags and I basically just hung out with Senora G, talking about paranoias, neuroses, science classes, you get the idea. The best part was when Senora G had written "6:30" on her chalkboard, but the colon was so big that it looked like "6830". She immediately says, "I know. My colon's really big!" And, as Maggie and I collapse into ridiculous amounts of laughter, goes, "I think that's the funniest thing I've ever said in my life."

Then Maggie had to leave, we had a props crew meeting, and Chelsea and I went to eat lunch in Senora G's room again. In case you have not guessed, set construction for the musical is not fun at all. There are only three reasonable people there, and the rest of them are just crazed brainwashed lunatics. Anyway, before today, I had never fully realized how nice and awesome Adult Hermione is, although I'd always thought she was just great. She's even better than that. And I'm not just saying that because I was comparing her to a bunch of loons.

Anyway, Chelsea and I got to see Senor G, Senora G's husband, who is very nice and laughs at locker signs that say "I love Erin so much I cry at night." Then Chelsea and I wandered the halls, running into Mrs. Happy and completing a few operations. Then we actually went to go work the rest of the day, and even though it was busy work, it kind of made us forget how tired and annoyed we were.


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...


You post rediculously long posts. It took me about ten minutes to read through this. It was good, though.

Did you like the rest of Popular? How far did you get? Did you get to "Fall on Your Knees"?

Well, I hope you have fun today. I have practice at 8:00pm - 9:30pm. Ugggh.

10:26 AM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

We sadly only got through 2 more episodes of Popular, because we were very, very tired and had sets in the morning.

12:01 PM

Blogger mai babbled mindlessly...


Oooo boy.

Fuck and run, yo.

6:22 PM


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