"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Rock On, Little Dude!

Oh, the things Van Chelsing says to aggravate Kate's ex-boyfriends. And then, the stories Van Chelsing tells on the way to English.

We had dialogues in French today. Chelsea and I did pretty well, and Paul and Maggie just insulted each other. "You suck." "Well, tu es gross!" "Tu es mal at francais!" I was rather upset that I didn't get to hear Pencil Case's, though, since it is apparently all for me.

Okay, I think there is some sort of ingredient of Comtrex that makes me remember no part of my day, so we're just going to fast forward to lunch, which is much more interesting.

Before lunch, Maggie and I went to ask Madame about our dialogue grades, and ended up chatting with Madame and Emily about the randomest things ever for a long amount of time. The best part was when Emily was talking about her frumpy costume for the musical, and Madame said she thinks that secretaries from the 80s dressed like Mrs. Doubtfire, and then said, "So you're fifty. Big deal. You can be fifty and fabulous, not frumpy." (Disclaimer: Emily is not actually fifty, her character is.) Then Madame sent us down to lunch, because she thinks that, for some reason, when 11:19 rolls around, it is mandatory that I eat something, lest I combust. She also told Emily to "make sure Kellinka actually eats something, not like a cucumber, but French fries or something." It was very odd.

Maggie and I ventured downstairs, then, to eat. We actually ventured downstairs to buy our data matches, which were hilarious. Paul was, of course, on Maggie's list, and vice versa. I am totally incompatible with anyone in our class, and most compatible with Drummer Boy Who Wears Chick Pants. Woohoo. We ate in about three minutes, and, yes, I had fries, not "a cucumber."

My nose has been running like a spigot all day. Oh, I'm sure that sentence just made all my male readers fall madly in love with me. Freaking Comtrex.

On the way up the stairs from art, Ulcer Boy attempted to accost Pencil Case and I. We just mocked him and told him not to give himself an ulcer. Then there was an odd mashment of conversation with Pencil Case, Chelsea, Erik, and I. Actually, Erik just got trampled by Chelsea and shoued "whoa!" on the way to talk to Pencil Case as I was walking in the other direction. Or something of that nature.


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Whu did you not mention my shadow in amy way, shape or form?

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