"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."



Today was almost a non-event, except for the fact that Chellie was back! I melted into a pile of mush out of sheer ridonkulous excitement. And my green notebook, the famous green notebook of the helping hand, is back. Of course it was in the French room, where it probably was all along. I am an idiot.

Pencil Case- I'm sorry you're gone. Your backpack awaits you in the main office.

Today for Fun French Friday, we watched Anastasia. We really wanted to watch Napoleon Dynamite, but that did not have a French language track, and then we really wanted to watch Zoolander, but since we are stupid French I kids, we only get to watch little kid movies. So we decided to watch the hilarious semi-musical historically inaccurate film involving hot cartoon men named Dimitri. This made me so excited. Madame quite enjoyed the fact that they spoke French with really, really bad Russian accents. Chelsea and I sat in the beanbags and giggled whenever they said the word "Pooka." Yes, because Pooka is my most embarassing of nicknames. If Pencil Case had been there, he would have shouted, "OH MY GOD! THAT IS KELLINKA'S NICKNAME!" Yes, that would have been amusing for everyone except me.

I'm off to Tundra Lodge with ma famille for the weekend. I am pretty sure I love (read: hate more than anything, even TV dinners) the way my family communicates. Here is an example from five minutes ago:

Me: So, I am working the Phone-A-Thon on Tuesday from 4 to 9 with French Club.
Das Vater: Well, I should be able to get you there by 4:30.
Me: Um, maybe I'll just ask someone for a ride.
Das Vater: Didn't you just say Maggie said it was okay if you were late?
Me: No. I didn't say anything about Maggie.

Yes, this is the way it goes. Person One says something, while Person Two is not listening. Person Two decides, then, to make up things that Person One could have said, then Two gets very, very upset when One declares that he or she has not said any of those invented, concocted things. Person One, usually me, gets upset because she is tired of listening to these people blather on when they won't even bother to listen to her.

This was also demonstrated yesterday when I had a French Club meeting. I told my parental units about eight days ago that I would have this meeting, and that one of them would need to give me a ride to school. La Mere was doing carpool for Ricky and his friends, so it was Das Vater's job to drop me off there. And what does Das Vater do on Wednesday night? He schedules breakfast at 6:30 the next morning, thereby being a selfish, inconsiderate infidel and making me very, very late to the meeting, since I had to take the bus. Which tapped into my hatred of public transportation, particularly public transportation that could be avoided if not for fathers who are selfish, inconsiderate infidels.

That is my rant for the day. In analyzing this situation, I think the reason I am such a verbal person is because I'm used to being the only person in my family who has communication skills. This entry was so much longer than expected.

There was, according to Betty Jean, a rumor going around school today that William Hung died of a drug overdose. Very entertaining, but (sadly) not true. But it led to hilarity with Breanna saying, "He banged!" with hand gestures.

Les Miz was so good. I loved it to pieces, and I even teared up at the end, which is very unlike me. The little boy was so adorable, and I finally figured out who Eponine was. I had no idea who she was at the NDA production of it in seventh grade, because I sat very close to the pit orchestra, which lead to deafness and complete confusion. Margo, KT, Keenan, Emma, and Jacob were all there, and Jacob stayed late to get autographs. It was, by far, the best musical production I have ever seen.


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