"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Pink Eye

Pencil Case is nuts. We decided to make sure we were there when Madame saw our lovely handiwork from yesterday afternoon, but then she wasn't coming! I suggested that we go ask (bother) Frau, and Frau explained that Madame would not be here because her daughter had pink eye. Well, this confused Pencil Case well into gym class, because he doesn't listen, so I had to explain that to him, and the fact that sometimes people use nicknames. Anyway, we spent most of our morning before class locking our handiwork in an empty locker and intermittenly going to bother Frau by asking her annoying questions. Except that she didn't seem to mind, because Frau is awesome.

Frau, pointing to my iPod: I bet you're secret German people. You illegally download files of German lessons onto your little iPods and listen to them before school.

We talked about paranoiacs and obsessive-compulsive disorder in English. Chels and I almost died laughing. I mentioned this to Maggie at the eating-part of lunch, and then Bet reinstated my paranoia again. After poking Maggie numerous times.

Well, for those of you who aren't aware, Maggie and I have first lunch, and then Van Chelsing has first-hour-lunch-period-study-hall. Which basically means that we now have a great tradition of going to the library, all three of us, every day and making a ruckus. Not a big ruckus, just a three-person ruckus. Today it involved proofreading, confusion, being grateful, Maggie checking her email, talking about Chelsea's random outbursts, comparing schedules, and discussing mismatched names. And that was just the parts I can remember.

Pencil Case: Well, she said, 'I'm going to strangle him and then bury him and hope the earthworms eat him alive and give him a bad digestive problem' or something like that.
Me: Um. I would think once she would have strangled him, his digestive system wouldn't really be much of a concern. (Pencil Case and I crack up.)


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

Kellie. You are funny to the point of liver busting. Keep it up.

4:35 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Well, thank you. I am also full of borscht to the point of liver-busting.

4:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous babbled mindlessly...

No way! I too have a friend nicknamed
Pencil Case". What are the odds, eh? WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!?!!

And no, I don't know why I searched for it on Google or why I even posted this comment. Oh well. ::blinks::
--Jason Pugh


11:35 PM


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