"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Hatbox Whacking

Today began, unusally, with a silent car ride with Uncle Paddy and Angie. Yes, then we were about a minute away from being late because Uncle Paddy didn't listen when I told him taking the highway would be faster.

So then, French. Pencil Case has about 1/17th of our vocab for this semester in the vocab section of his binder. He also behaved generally spazzily, and then he was threatened to move into the learning T. Maggie was very proud that she knew what a learning T was. Pencil Case showed more challengedment in French and Madame told me I should adopt him to study before exams. Ha ha. Then he screwed up his contraction on the board (during the special announcement) and Madame told him to erase it, so he erased the whole sentence. Madame yelled, rather loudly, still during the announcement, "NO!!"

Me: Hi, Frau. This is my cousin.
Frau: Oh, okay. Hi, cousin.

English was another fairly easy test. In ICP, we did a very easy experiment. In fact, ICP was almost completely non-noteable except for the phrase "nasty-ass puke-color" and me telling Adult Hermione that she should ask Maggie about her rice during seventh period. Oh, and then Adult Hermione said we should pour our test tubes directly down the drain, because, and I quote, "I don't want to see what kind of monsters would grow in the sinks." Oh, yes. Theology involved finishing the Moses movie, a movie that involved the line "I will ride you like a horseman rides a horse." Oh, even better, this line was said by the voice of God.

Lunch was, as usual, a saga in itself. First we had to get money for the Shadow Lunch Money Foundation, because Angie forgot that NDA is a poor school and that we don't have lunch cards, nor can we give shadows free meals left and right. But we can give them free T-shirts, and so we headed to Mrs. Happy's office with Pencil Case. On the way, though, we cut through the library so Chels could tell me tales of Poppa G's Favorite Reader in her math class. Very funny.

So, then we found Mrs. Happy and got a free T-shirt.

Pencli Case: So, I'm still depressed that I never got a T-shirt.
Mrs. Happy: Oh, well, when did you shadow?
Pencil Case: I didn't.

Then we decided to visit Madame. This visit involved:

a. Pencil Case drawing a very stick-figure-esque drawing of Madame.

b. Pencil Case sticking the blueberry-scented marker under Madame's nose.

c. Pencil Case patting Madame's head.

d. Pencil Case forcing Madame to give him high-fives.

e. Madame making hilarious faces at all of the above.

f. Madame telling us to stop being annoying.

g. Pencil Case continuing to be annoying while I apologized for being annoying.

h. Madame whacking Pencil Case with a hatbox.

i. Madame accepting my apology and telling me to keep Pencil Case away from her AS A JOKE.

This gave Pencil Case an excuse to mope and sulk during gym, saying that Madame hates him. I told him he should just respect her boundaries, and then he threatened to switch to Spanish if I didn't oink like a French pig in labor. So I followed his orders, sacrificing my own dignity for his own good. Anyway, he still wants a formal apology from Madame.

And, to round off a very strange day, Bet was the Dalai Lama during history.


Blogger Wolfae babbled mindlessly...

WOW.Pencil Case had a colorful day. Hee. It doesn't surprise me a bit (his insanity...) Jk. I love that psycho nutball. :P

7:14 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

He generally does have colorful days. Which are all of his own doing. Hee.

8:44 PM


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