"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Flagrant Disregard for the Rules

I'm flagrantly breaking the rules by writing in my blog during history. Oops. That is just about the second time today I've been an awful, rule-breaking child. Well, actually, the third, but the first time it was for a rule everyone ignores and only Toe Touches seems to be aware of the existence of.

Anyway, history was its usual boring self until about a minute before we came to the computer lab. Yes, because some random kid opens the door, says, "Oh, sorry" and leaves. We all laughed and then Mr. B goes, "Oh, wow. That was a scary kid."

Today in French we did our dialogues. Pencil Case didn't memorize and had to completely invent/improvise his. Very funny. You should go read his blog for more details of this event. Anyway, Van Chelsing was really loopy because she'd just taken her medicine and that led to more hilarity. And then Maggie named the stuffed dog "Mrs. Puppy." Because she's evidently married to Mr. Puppy.

English was fairly not-noteable except for Poppa G calling cormorants "ugly birds" in this hilarious voice. Which made Betty Jean and I laugh for quite some time. ICP and theology were a lot of the same except that I signed up for every single set-painting shift and prop crew during the latter. Yes, I am an overachiever.

During lunch, we had our usual Chels-Mags-Kellinka meeting ritual in the library. We laughed a ton, received numerous evil glares, and cackled when we saw Schmidty doing her Brisk Red Trenchcoat Walk.

Chels: I think I'm going to make a blog about drama club. It will be called I Wish on Shooting Starys. (We laugh.) Hey, imagine Stary shooting through the sky!! (More laughter.)

Then Pencil Case came, and he and I went to see Madame.

Madame: Hello, my peeps.

We read our blogs. Madame laughed a lot, very hard. Then Pencil Case was late for study hall and I was late for algebra, so Madame wrote us passes, not noting on them that we were basically hanging out with her for the first few minutes of hour 5B. It was very fun. And now I am in boring old history pretending to work.

Madame: Cow? I hope that's not me.

Madame: Look! It's already called Pink Eye! My God!

I feel the need to mention that Frau said one of the most hilarious things ever yesterday, when Pencil Case and I were bugging her, it was: "No, Billy Young was not a Russian figure skater. He was a Russian gymnast. Madame is just a little screwed up on that because someone's probably been feeding her too much borscht."

This meant that, last night, whenever we started a private chat room, the word "borscht" was somehow involved. One of our chats was called No Borscht For the Wicked, and then Chels, Pencil Case, and I kept complimenting each other. So then I said "It's just a big circle of flattery here at No Borscht For The Wicked", which Pencil Case deemed classic.


Anonymous Anonymous babbled mindlessly...

Oh nyet too much borscht. And while you're at it grab me my yamaka.

- Old Hungarian Woman
(aka Van Chelsing)

11:28 AM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Chelsea, honey, what is with your confusion about the Hungarians, Russians, and Jews? You are so cross-cultured.

Oh, well, at least you're not an uncultured idiot Midwesterner.

2:55 PM


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