"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


An Entry In Many Parts.

Part I: "Forensics Meeting"

On Friday afternoon, Pencil Case and I were supposed to have a forensics meeting. We're easily distracted, though, and so we spent all but three minutes of said meeting hanging out with Madame.

Pencil Case: Hey, Mom.
Me: Did you just call her Mom?
Madame: Yeah, he did.
Pencil Case: No, I didn't! I called her Madame without the "da."

Me: Haha, Pencil Case! Your password is puffin!
Pencil Case: No, it's not. It rhymes with Buffy!
Madame: Like Buffy the wampire-- I mean, vampire slayer? Wait, I always forget, is her name Buffy or Duffy?

Pencil Case: Oh my god, Madame! You have the puff air freshener thing!
Madame: Yeah, but they say you're supposed to see it, and, well, I've never seen it puff.

We also discussed other random things, and Madame had a minor flip-out over the fact that Veggie G has called herself G-Dawg, which you can read all about at Pencil Case's blog. We went to the forensics meeting for all of three minutes, and I went to call Das Vater who was, for whatever reason, confused about the fact that he was supposed to pick me up even though La Mere probably told him this approximately eight times. Anyway, he was upset with me at first because he thought I missed my bus, but then I started laughing because Frau was saying random things in hilarious accents, and then he was even more upset with me. I blamed it all on Frau, who just continued on by making me laugh again by reciting random parts of E.T.

Sadly, though, Madame and Frau went home, leaving Pencil Case and I alone in the room with Frau's abandoned lunch box. This time, Frau told us not to make out. We whacked each other with bean bags for a bit, and then we decided to look at the interior of Frau's lunchbox. Which was a half-eaten apple and a little Tupperware container of jelly. Oooh. Dramatic.

Part Two: Fete Chez Kellinka

That's right, party at Kellinka's place. Too bad you all missed it, because it was last night. We watched a very good show called Popular, which I have to admit picked up a bit when they dropped the random folksinger in the background. Everyone decided my parents were cool, which weirded me out, and then they ganged up against me and tormented me.

We also played SceneIt somewhere in there, but I have misplaced the DVD part of the game so we only played the trivia part. Pencil Case declared that he and Chelsea were recieving harder questions than Maggie and me and said, "You get questions like, 'What movie involves a toy cowboy named Woody, a toy spaceship man named Buzz Lightyear, and a piggy bank?'. We get questions like, 'What movie involves trees, birds, and the clouds?'." Maggie said, "What the crap, you idiot?! Buzz Lightyear was a space ranger, not a 'spaceship man.'"

Anyway, we had a much better idea than torturing me after that. We decided to play Beyond Balderdash, my favorite game. We made up some hilarious definitions. According to Pencil Case, the word "beestings" is "A derogatory term for a group of Jewish women in labor." According to my mother, Hot Potato is "A porno starring Mr. Potato Head." You get the general idea of how this game went. Highly amusingly, that is how.

Part Three: Set Construction

This is the comparatively depressing part of my tale, except for the parts involving lunch, Veggie G, and Stary. Well, my morning started out in the auditorium at 9, with demented Schmidty's voice in my ear, saying, "Get these motley people something to do!" This should give you a good idea of the fact that Schmidty is a somewhat insane not very nice person, even though Pencil Case does not agree.

We got McDonald's for lunch, and Chels, Maggie, and I decided to be very cool and order Mighty Kids Meals. Maggie accidentally got a boy toy in hers, though, which was a catapult. You can imagine that we had fun with that.

After lunch, though, I had to go visit Veggie G for help with my forensics monologue. This lasted an hour, and not just because I wanted to get away from set construction. We had to work on my accents, which suck. They all sound Russian, no matter what I do. My French accent sounds Russian. My Moroccan accent sounds Russian. My Polish accent sounds like my Passably Vague Central European Accent, which was the only good part. Anyway, Pencil Case was there, too, and went off on tangents and spoke Swahili for us. It was a lovely time.

When we got tired of sets again, Chelsea, Alex, and I went to talk to Stary about how it's more fun when he's in charge and we all got to talking about how we don't like Schmidty. We never mentioned her name, though, she is like an unspoken force of evil. Stary basically called us his little peeps, which made us very happy. It was a lovely conversation, but then Stary had to go back to fencing.

And there you have it. The last 27 or so hours in a little three-part nutshell.


Blogger Mr. Math babbled mindlessly...

sounds like fun! Meetings are usually so boring

6:54 PM

Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

Kellie... Who is Mr. Math? Anyway, your entry was great!

11:43 AM

Blogger Wolfae babbled mindlessly...

Haha! Schmidtty is evil and Stary is awesome! It was so fun to "wash our hands." Hope to plot more on you know who's demise...

12:51 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Pencil Case: I have no idea who Mr. Math is. At first I read his name Mr. Mouth, like the frog game my brother and I used to play as small children. I'm glad you enjoyed the entry, considering most of it involved you in some way.

Iz: Haha! Talking to Stary was great! Schmidty is nuts.

2:09 PM

Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...


Yes, that is kind of scary. Mr. Math is trying to stalk you. I bet, though, that all this time Mr. Math was Madame.

OMG! Alison J. is done blogging. Apparently that Anonymous guy made her feel really bad about herself. It is funny, really.

4:57 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...


Mr. Math is, according to his profile, a 17-year-old student from Arizona. I'm sorry Schmidty is making you sing today during DH. I told you she was evil, didn't I?

7:36 PM


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