"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Edited To Encompass My Eventful Afternoon

Goodness. Well, the people who are INVOLVED with the situation will understand the title. And I'm no longer involved with the situation, nor am I going to advertise my feelings towards individuals involved on this blog.

Anyway. I'm so glad to be back at school. By which I really mean: I'm so glad to be back at French. Except that Van Chelsing is sick and that makes me sad and lonely and leaves me with no one to laugh at the word "paranoia" in English class. Anyway, today was pretty good nonetheless. Madame has yet another new hair color, which is lovely, but reminded me that I slept through my appointment to get my hair cut and colored. Oops. Then she chastized Pencil Case over the possibility of his moving.

Maggie: You can't move! You... dick!
Madame: Now, come on, Maggie. His name is not Richard, it's Pencil Case.
Me: His middle name is Richard!
Madame: Well, how do you know that he doesn't want to be called Chip? Or Rick?
Maggie: Or Chuck... oh, no wait, that's for Charles.

Anyway, it was a fun class. Maggie and I giggled over nothing, Madame made really random noises, Pencil Case laughed really loudly out of nowhere, and then it was time for Poppa G's English. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Pencil Case gave me a completely and totally brilliant belated Christmas gift. He spoils me, oh yes.

Pencil Case: Madame. You never told us you drove a big black pickup truck.
Madame, after some minor ranting/explaining: What, was I supposed to announce it to all of you?! Okay then. I drive a black truck.

Anyway, more Kellinka-and-Maggie giggling over nothing came during lunch. After we'd finished digesting, we headed over to the library. Well, there was someone (Maggie dubbed it "It", as in, "Should we wake It?") asleep on a table, with just its head on the table. Except you couldn't see anything because It had a big coat on with an enormous hood. It made us laugh. Pencil Case had study hall the next hour and said that It was still there and the librarians had to wake It. Haha.

That said, today was nearly completely un-noteable. I hit a ball playing wiffle ball in gym, woohoo. Well, I mean, it was noteable, but I'm not going to talk about some of it on here. That's what my email for Maggie, which I'm going to now go finish, is for.

Well, now I am at home and it's almost time for dinner. I just had to explain my rather eventful afternoon. See, the moment I saw Pencil Case on my way up from study hall, he goes, "Let's go see Madame!!" Well, then we were talking for a bit, and Pencil Case suddenly has this outburst in which he tells Madame something I had asked him not to tell her under any circumstances. Not because it was bad, just because she'd be really weirded out. She wasn't weirded out, though, she just thought it was really funny. Then I had an outburst in which I told Pencil Case he cannot be trusted and that I would never tell him anything again. He left, but Madame made him come back and said we should "resolve our issues". She told us, basically, that Pencil Case needs boundaries. Then she said if someone ever toilet-papered her house, she would immediately assume it was me. I yelled at Pencil Case again because of this, and he left again, and I made him come back again. We did some more talking, and then he ran around the school and missed his bus. Whereas I just called Das Vater and asked him to pick me up late (but he was talking in circles and so I asked him to pick me up at 4:30, which is not what I actually meant). So, Madame put me to work for a bit while Pencil Case was busy running around the school. Then he came back, along with Frau. Frau told Pencil Case she was going to come to the musical with a big sign that said "GO YOUNG JOSH!" so he would understand that it is a big deal. We also bothered them about their 80s Day picture in last year's yearbooks. Then they left, but they allowed us to stay in the room. Madame said, as she left, "Just don't make out." Thanks, Madame.

So, after the Adults had left, Pencil Case and I made a reproduction of the snotty yellow tissue poster. Then we wrote a very long note to Madame (read: I wrote and Pencil Case dashed about the room). We also talked to G-Dawg for a bit, Pencil Case "had a seizure", and other random events like the PowerChess98 CD-ROM. So, yeah, good, good times.


Blogger Magster babbled mindlessly...

AHAHA!! That was soo funnny toda, minus Chelsing....*meep* Well hopefully tomorrow will be as funny!

4:39 PM

Blogger SpazzyG babbled mindlessly...

If you haven't checked out nick's blog a second time there is a really long apology for you and him. Your absolutly right. What i said was heartless but you have to understand were im coming from. You were, however, wrong about the jealousy thing (check out his blog again you'll see why). The thing is the things i said about Maggi and Nick were just things that i needed to say. Your right about Maggi too. She's nice and she is sweet and she probably is really trustworthy if your her freind. Maggi and i are not freinds, but i honestly dont hate her as much as i make it sound.
Forgive Me,
Spazzy G

5:58 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Mags-- Today was hilarious!! Should we wake It? HAHAHA! So funny. But, gods, I missed Chels so very much! Check your email tomorrow, by the way.

Ellen- Thank you for your apology.

7:12 PM


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