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Come On Eileen

The ska version of "Come On Eileen" is just about the coolest thing I've heard since the beginning of this year.

So, I feel like crap. I went home from school yesterday and crashed on the couch watching the Style Network. We have had the Style Network on our TV for about a week and I've already seen the same episode of The Look For Less three times, which makes me hate that show. Anyway, La Mere comes home and thinks I'm upstairs, and then goes to watch TV but realizes I've crashed on the couch and then I retardedly pull a muscle trying to sit up. La Mere decides that I shouldn't have even bothered to go to school and that I can't sleep over at Maggie's because I'd get everyone else sick and be like Typhoid Mary. Thanks, Mom.

I still went to Maggie's for a bit, though, for the cake and presents bit. Bet is the funniest person ever. I was so discombobulated the whole time, though. Maggie was Stuart, too, which was so funny. And La Mere and Maggie's mom basically drank the whole time, woohoo. We discussed pidgeontoed cows and other things.

Molly: Well, we'll just ask her late at night. She won't remember.
Me: Exactly. It will be like a hangover.

Chelsea: Lying sack of crap!

Maggie's Mom: God, Maggie, would you stop doing the Stuart thing?!

Vicky: Yeah, I like the smell of Axe, but if you put too much on... well, that's like Axe murder!

I woke up at quarter to six this morning coughing like I have tuberculosis. Anyway, instead of even bothering to fall asleep again, I actually woke up and started doing things. What kind of a sane American does that? A not-sane American, that is what.

Report cards finally came home today. My god, it's only been two freaking weeks since exams. Or something like that. I don't know, but I also don't care, because I'm on the honor roll and geeking out over it. Cough medicine is wacky. I'm going shoe shopping with La Mere now.

Maybe sometime tomorrow I will write something that is not a useless piece of crap like this entry, but if not, I'll write on Monday.


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

The only reason I copied the cow tipping conversation out of your blog is because it was one in the morning, and I really couldn't remember it. Thanks! Hehe.

Oh, yes. In answer to your question about my movie going, I love to make new friends there.

1:55 PM


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