"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


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Well, most importantly, Auntie K had her baby! Much excitement, and... it's a girl. A girl has not been born into my father's side of the family since Fio, and, yes, baby boys are exciting, but you can buy cuter clothing and shoes for baby girls. Anyway, baby girl has a name, and it is Ella, which is completely adorable.

In other familial goingson, my mom is a mean lady. Last night, she and Das Vater watched Dodgeball without me, which is bad enough. Then, this morning, she wakes up, tells me about Ella, and then continues to say this: "Kellinka, honey, you need to pluck your eyebrows. You're going to look like this woman in Dodgeball who had these huuuge eyebrows! Yes, because of nuclear poisoning or something... she also had really scary teeth, but hopefully your braces will prevent that." Thanks.

Okay, much later tonight, funny quotes:

Me: Girly Sweater checked my mom out at Sentry! (Chelsea thinks he actually checked my mom out, as if he was hitting on her or something.) He checked her groceries out, he was the cashier.

Chels: Garfield: The Movie sucks.
Me: We saw it at the drive in, and we drove out.
Chels: I would have driven right through the screen.

Me, at dinner: Dad, blink. You look like the old men on Telemundo. (La Mere does an impression of the old fat men on Telemundo.)

Me: When you make The Frater cry, you make the Baby Jesus cry.

Chels and I continued to talk about people we hate, my embarassing nicknames, and she had quite a bit of fun with the AOL buddy icons/backgrounds. Chels has decided to call me Pooka, which is, of course, my embarassing nickname since approximately two days after I was born. Then we discussed the fact that this was the name of the cute, scruffy little dog in the animated version of Anastasia, and I reminisced about how much I loved that movie when I was seven and unaware of all the glaring historical inaccuracies. Plus, it was released around the time I went to Paris and there was that whole song about Paris, which is the only thing I can remember about the movie other than the dog and the highly awful accents. So, I've decided we need to find Chelsea a nickname that translates roughly to "cute, scruffy dog in animated feature made up of glaring historical inaccuracies."


Blogger allishka babbled mindlessly...

congrats on the new baby! baby girls r so cute...like me! lol omg thats hilerious bout ur mom...but my mom was obsessed w/ eyebrows to this weekend..there was nothing on tv so we were in the kitchen watching some music thing on fox, n avril lavigne was singing, n my mom was like, i realllllly like her eyebrows...but i think she could dress a lot cuter, dont u think?? but i REALLY luv her eyebrows...im 'studying' them...i thought that was sorta weird...newayz, cya tomorrow!!

luv ya! ~allishka~

6:35 PM


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