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Short-Term Relationship

Hi, everyone. Well, yes, my mysterious last post... Pencil Case and I were going out. For, well, a little over 24 hours. But it was sort of awkward being boyfriend-and-girlfriend and so we decided to still be just friends. No hard feelings, no one is hurt, and nothing ever says we'll never date again (not that we actually went on a date). And, of course, we told Madame first that we were going out, which was just a generally hilarious scene, so I'm going to write that out here.

(We walk into the French room after school.)
Madame, within four seconds of our presence: Oh my god, you're together.
Pencil Case and I: Yeah. (We start laughing. Pencil Case goes to write on the board.)
Madame: I knew it! I thought I was going to have to wait until your junior year. I was telling someone, "Those two are going to be dating by junior year."
Me: Oh, gosh, who were you telling?
Madame: I don't remember. Well, I'm very happy for you! See, French class has made so many good couples. (Pencil Case and I laugh.) No, really. Because if I see anything bad going on, I can crush it before it gets worse. I couldn't do that if you were dating someone who took Spanish!
(More talking between Madame and I. More Pencil Case writing on the board.)
Pencil Case: How do you say "corn chip" in French?
(More talking. It's time for Pencil Case and I to go, so we leave.)
Madame, as I'm leaving the room: Kellie, I'm going to read your blog tonight!

Yes. General hilarity. I have realized now that Madame reading my blog really isn't very awkward at all, because she is present or hears about most of the things I write on here. (Like the story about how I gave Dave the finger while he was videotaping me on Thanksgiving.)

During French today, Pencil Case decided to reach under Madame's desk and basically start fondling her foot. It was pretty interesting. (Actually, that is why we broke up. I don't like that Pencil Case fondles the feet of older women. Ha ha, just kidding!) Then he continued to ask her lots of nosy questions, about black and white pictures and her natural hair color. She was all fascinated by his bike-chain bracelet (thinking he had made it) until I told her he just bought it at Hot Topic, and she goes, "Pencil Case, what's a nice boy like you doing shopping at a Goth store?" Hee.

We also talked about butt-washers. Van Chelsing was the only one brave (read: shameless) enough to explain, bluntly, what they were. Seriously, though, Angie and I used to get terribly giggly over butt-washers. "Hey, Kellie! Our hotel room, you have to see it! It has... A BUTT WASHER!" Hee.

You know what I don't like? When I spend 2 and a half hours studying for a test, and when I start to take the test, I feel like I've studied for all the wrong things. And then I only get a C. That really really makes me angry, garsh. And that's about it for today, except maybe that I need a rhinoplasty because Egghead hit me in the nose during basketball.


Blogger mai babbled mindlessly...

Bitch, they were commodes. Not butt-washers. You're such an ignorant american.

4:05 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

They're actually called "buh-days" in France. Well, that is how you pronounce them, I didn't want to butcher the spelling.

4:33 PM


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