"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Put that somewhere and keep it warm!" -Maggie

French Club is so ridiculously fun. This is only partially because Maggie and I sit in the back of the French room, eating Krispy Kremes, heckling people, and adoring the way that Madame manages to illustrate absolutely everything using hilarious hand gestures. We also have discussions such as this:

Girly Sweater: Nooo! We should have the Little Mermaid on our sweatshirts! And she can have a talk bubble and say, "I wish I could be part of that world." By which she means France!!

Me: I think we should have Girly Sweater on all our sweatshirts.

Madame: Well, this is the shade of red that the sweatshirts will be, and it's a kind of... cranberry?
Maggie: No, no, cranberry has a few more... uhns.
Girly Sweater: A few more uhns, that's the most educated thing I've ever heard!
Madame: Well, the catalogue calls this color "red."
Maggie: It's male cardinal red. There!

Then we had French class, during which I nearly fell asleep despite Chelsea babbling endlessly next to me. (I had finished my work. We were in the bean bags. I'd had no caffeine.) Well, up until Chelsea decided I was an angry monkey and I decided she was a palm-tree-tipper. Which gave her the giggles all the way to English. Oh, there was also the incident of the flammable ornament. Pencil Case and I made an ornament commemorating Go Get A Drink Day yesterday, and he had to show it to Madame the minute she got in the room, but it was flammable and so she can't keep it on the tree because we wouldn't want to start any fires. Or something.

Chelsea: Why be popular when you can be drama dork times 92 to the fifth dimension!?

Adult Hermione*: Wow, these are so colorful!
Me: Except for Duct Tape's!
Duct Tape: Well... I'm a Goth.
Adult Hermione: Yeah, Duct Tape, you look really Goth today.

*During English, Brigid and I discussed how this is the most perfectly-fitting nickname. It just is.

World history was also pretty fun too, because I basically got into verbal sparring, as I always do when we have discussion. Maggie, you'll be pleased to know that I vehemently fought with You-Know-Who.

EG: He had Polio!
Me, randomly and dramatically: He was in an Iron Lung!

EG: Didn't he build the Hoover Dam?
Mr. B: No. That was Herbert Hoover.

Chelsea: Ooooh, my broccoli just did a break dance!


Blogger allishka babbled mindlessly...

bonjour fille! lol just fyi, next french club meeting, i am going and i am going to get a kripe kreme! lol did u tell madame geyer that she was my personal hero?? cuz if u didnt, me AND u are going to tell her tomorrow morning. luv ya! ~lil jerzak~

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