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Merry Christmas.

Wow, I haven't posted in three days! The thing is that there really hasn't been much to say. Happy holidays, everyone. I had a good Christmas-- meaning no one has made me mad enough to say differently, although the whole family (except for Mai and CoolAunt) is wearing thin on me. Especially Das Vater. Which is great, because I have to deal with them again tomorrow.

Although I love my mom's side of the family. We just talk about alcohol, Bave's "alcoholic ho-bag" (tm Denda) ex-wife. Oh, and I learned how to make vodka chilled neat. And I feel the need to mention, for Van Chelsing, that I used Stoli. (And, noooo, I didn't drink any.)

This is a good place to tell Aunt Shannon's Ham Story, which goes as such: "I've always hated ham too! Yeah, because once, when I was maybe seven, we had a really salty ham. And my grandma promised me we'd go on a walk, just me and her, after brunch and I felt really special. Well, the ham was so salty that her feet swelled up! And they couldn't fit into her shoes, and so we didn't get to go on a walk! (Melodramatic pause.) I have never eaten ham since." I swear she hadn't had any alcohol yet.

I'm watching Elf on DVD right now. I want to be Amy Sedaris when I grow up. I wish the Sedarises were my family. Gift-wise, this was an excellent Christmas, both giving and getting. Poddly has a pink leather "jacket" now, and new headphones since my old ones were falling apart. Frou Frou's Details album is excellent; there isn't a single song I don't like. I think, perhaps maybe, when I can drive, this would be a fabulous album to drive to, but not as excellent as Daft Punk.

I miss my friends. Seriously, I'm having French class withdrawal pains already. So I'm going to go carb-load or something, since I have nothing important or influential to say. Not that I ever do. Anyway, as of tomorrow evening, after this brunch b.s. I'm being taken hostage to do, my schedule is open and free to spend with Maggie and Van Chelsing. Also, Yay.

I seem to have forgotten that Van Chelsing called Michael Jordan "Bill Jordan" whilst watching Home Alone on Friday. That gave me the giggles pretty badly.


Blogger Van Chelsing babbled mindlessly...

Merry Christmas Kellinka!
When you put Frou Frou I thought you meant Frau. Could you imagine if Frau released an album? That would be so cool.
Anyways, back to Frou Frou. I'm sure it is good driving music, but nothing, NOTHING can outbeat Daft Punk. hee =)

Evil has one name to fear...

9:50 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

FRAU WOULD HAVE THE BEST ALBUM EVER. SERIOUSLY! Imagine the Billy Young duet. And I agree that nothing can ever beat Daft Punk.

9:54 PM


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