"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"It's not just a teen movie, it's a character study!"

So, yes, La Mere and I are having our 80s movie marathon this weekend. We ran to Family Video and picked up Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and-- because it takes place in the 80s and it is one of Mere's favorite movies-- Fargo. We were disappointed, though, because The Breakfast Club was nowhere to be found. See, we are also going to watch Raising Arizona, but thanks to Betty Jean, we own that. So Mere went out to the grocery store, and comes back with a bag from Target. Oh, yes. And guess what is in that bag? A DVD copy of The Breakfast Club! Oh, yes, what a happy day. Yes, this is a classic movie, which I-- don't hit me, Pencil Case-- have yet to see. But my mother approves of my friendship with Pencil Case based on the sole fact that it is his favorite movie.

Also, more happiness: my dearest Pencil Case has a blog, and Van Chelsing and I have decided we are going to rig his way into Mr. NDA contestantdom junior and senior year. Yes, and if our rigging doesn't work, well, we will just go on strike and let NDA lose the ten dollars we would so gladly be giving them by purchasing tickets. Yes, we have so many good threats, don't we?

Even more happiness: Tomorrow is Fun French Friday! Oh, yes. For the Spaniards, Germans, Latin Dorks (haha, sorry Brigid...), Unilinguals, and non-NDA students among you, F-Cubed is a lovely tradition in which we spend the last half of French class watching kid-movies en francais. I'm sure I have explained this many times before, but I just took cough medicine, and so you all are going to listen to me, okay? Yes, right now we are watching Finding Nemo. And, in other French-class happiness, Madame told Pencil Case that she would no longer read my blog unless she had my permission. So I gave her my permission. Yes, Madame reading my blog is not so awkward anymore. This is because she compliments me on my writing and my sense of humor, and also, she is present for most of the things I talk about anyway. So, well, yes. Hi, Madame, you better be reading this. Also, your funny self should be leaving more comments! Anyway...

I don't know if I want to take this survey thing the school wants us all to take, basically about sex and intravenous drugs. Yes, it will be 45 minutes of me filling in 99 blanks with the words "no", "I have no idea", "how would I know these things?", and "(blank)". I would fill them in with witty things but, to be perfectly honest, I'm not going to do that anonymously. Although, since it's anonymous, I could also just fill in all the blanks with dirty words. Hmmm, I wonder if B-to the R-double O-K-E-R has thought of that!

Things I Learned Today:
1. I still remember the Gettysburg Address from history class last year.
2. I can't unwrap a Starburst with my tongue on the first try.
3. Michael speaks.
4. I have an actual talent for talking to adults. Well, most of them.

I would also like to add that D called Stary "a little shit" the other day. That made me fall over into mad giggles. This is a very long post, all written under the influence of cough syrup gel tablets, just for your information. Go visit Betty Jean's and Pencil Case's blogs, and 80s teen movies, that was what I came to write about, and look at where we are now.


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