"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


I'm meeeeeelting.

Van Chelsing: Hey, what happens when Frau melts?
Madame: What?
(Random Van Chelsing, Mags, and Kellinka babble-explanation.)
Madame: Okay, run that by me again.
Van Chelsing: Apparently, if you mention this one guy, Frau melts.
Madame: What one guy?
Me: I don't know. Billy Young or somebody.
Madame: No, I think Billy Young is a Russian figure skater.

Pencil Case: So, in Russia, does Santa ride a bear?
Madame: Quoi? No!

(Madame holds up a picture of mushrooms.)
Maggie: I like shrooms.
Me: Madame! Maggie likes shrooms!
Madame: Kellinka, just be happy she doesn't know what else that means.
Maggie: What?
Madame: Maggie, just stick to your mushrooms.

(Madame holds up a picture of a cow.)
Me: Hamburger!
(Madame, Van Chelsing, and I crack up.)

Yes, then Pencil Case and I reminisced about his fleas, which was funny. Yes, although now we are wondering why Madame just randomly has a lint roller in her desk.

ICP was a blast today. First, I was standing on a desk yelling at Jackie when Adult Hermione came in. As usual, she just laughed at me. And then, without even thinking, I put "Kellinka" in the slot for my name. I realized this about ten minutes after I handed in my quiz.

Me: Oh, god. Adult Hermione? What did I put as my name on my quiz?
Adult Hermione: (finds my quiz.) Kellinka. (Laughs at me.)
Me: Wow, I really wasn't thinking this morning.

Haha! The printer just printed David's poem out in Arabic or something! Bwahaha.


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