"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."



Right now I am eating an Icee. This is because I went Christmas shopping with La Mere tonight. We were supposed to buy gifts for Fake Sick, but we only bought two very small things. This is because we would rather look at shoes and make fun of each other and look at books.

So, we ended our trip at B&N. I told La Mere about how Das Vater is upset that she "never buys bargain books" and she got mad and said she was only going to buy him bargain books for Christmas. Then this wrapping kid got very hostile with us when he said "Have a nice night", just because we did not want our imaginary items wrapped (we somehow managed not to buy anything), and I said "frickin'" way too much.

We also went to Target and to Dick's Sporting Goods, where we bought the two gifts for Fake Sick. There I jumped on a mini-trampoline and La Mere and I called each other beeyotches and talked about Mean Girls and how I now lust after a black pantsuit. I also told her about how Senora G refers to herself as "G-Dawg" and says "wicked" all the time and calls Madame "Frenchie." I wish Senora G taught something other than Spanish, because I would totally take that class. Then Tom told "judge-flatulation stories" (another Senora G term).

So, yeah, that is about it. Well, except for the biggest, best news of all! Pencil Case is going to be young Josh in the musical (Big) this year. Also, Maggie's sister is in it! Yay for this, because it resulted in this discussion.

Me: Congradulations!
Pencil Case: On what?
Me: Have you seen the cast list?
Pencil Case: Um. No.
Me: You're young Josh!
Pencil Case: Are you kidding?
Me: No!
(Pencil Case squeals and run-flails in the general direction of the cast list.)


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