"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Get Better, You Hot Sexy Mama!

This is what it says on the front of the get-well card/note I made Van Chelsing during history. Well, not during a lesson, after I'd finished my test. Which I think I did well on (tiny voice: because I studied for history for the first time this year). I think the whole sophomore class just paraded into the library.

I went to the Christmas play yesterday, to show some props for Van Chelsing's mad singing talent. Ah, such delicious times with Van Chelsing, Maggie, Vicky, David, Mr. Erik, everyone. Chels was having uberissues with her camera flash, and it would constantly not be going off when she wanted it to, so, to test it, she turned the flash on. She thought it wouldn't come on, so she held it two inches away from her face. So of course it went off, Chels went blind, and then we laughed our hot-sexy-mama butts off. Then Chelsea fell over. Later, Maggie bounced on her rubbery heels, Chels fell over again, Maggie had a party, David made us laugh, and my mother thought she smelled like a bar-rat.

Madame: Don't you have anything more interesting to write about?
Me: No. My life is very, very boring.
Madame: So make things up!

Pencil Case: Kellie, I swear on bitches and hos!

Madame, in the hallway: Hi, Kellinka. (That cracked me up. Although I'm sure she's called me that before. Then we talked about how Pencil Case is hiding from me; which he is, in Mr. N's office, WTF mate?)

Pencil Case: I don't know why Kellie gave me such a dirty book.
Madame: I do.
Me: (Speechless. For there are no words.)

Today during French, Pencil Case and I took it upon ourselves to make a Christmas poster. Yes. We wrote lovely (read: threatening) things on there, and then Pencil Case stapled Kleenex on it as snow. I took it upon myself to highlighter all over it, so then we had yellow snow. Then I made an arrow and wrote, "Yellow snow. Or Pencil Case's boogers." Because I'm that mature. Anyway, Madame did not find the poster that funny, but just blamed Pencil Case, perhaps thinking the Kleenexes really had his snot on them.

Madame: Pencil Case, you're sick. Get this snotty stuff off there.

Yes, thinking about this whole incident gave me the giggles for about five minutes during ICP. I did a very good job of containing myself, though, or maybe Adult Hermione just thinks I'm insane and didn't want to say anything. Yes, the latter is probably much more likely.


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