"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


A Few Words.

It's been a bad day so far. First of all, I would like to address something: it is possible for a boy and a girl to remain close friends.They do not have to like each other, they can just enjoy each others' company and have fun together. But, hey, this is high school, and therefore everyone must be dating everyone. I was going to say that the person I am directing this towards should know who they are, but I realized this can basically be directed to 98% of the student body of Notre Dame Academy. I think I am an old woman, since I tend to spend large portions of my day tsk-tsking at teenagers.

According to Madame, if you rub a frog's belly it will fall asleep. She seems to think this is common knowledge, but none of us had heard this and so she was all appalled. When she explained this to us, she did impressions of the frog and talked about how we will have to try it this summer, and how it just leans back on the picnic table, snoozing away.

During ICP, we had a sub, and so Jackie and I wandered the halls for the better portion of class, nearly getting caught roughly seventy five times. I also did the grapevine all the way down the second-floor hallway. We are rebels; Erik has deemed our adventures "escapadic". Stary just walked by and Van Chelsing and I waved and he gave us this wonky little peace sign with the hand that was holding his ginormous coffee mug. He also, according to Van Chelsing, nodded, and we both giggled. He also nodded to me on the way to gym, where we played lacrosse and I somehow managed not to be completely athletically dismantled.

I don't think I am going to post during study hall unless something notable happens in the next few class periods, i.e., my impending nervous breakdown the next time I am forced to hear Christmas music. Which Van Chelsing just sang. Oh, this just in: I failed my math quiz. Yeah, the one I actually thought I did well on.

I'm back. It's eighth hour and there is nothing new to say, so I'll just edit this post. I need to talk to G-Dawg about my forensics, but she has a class right now. I had fun in history today with Larry and Gavin.

(Larry flashes the lights on and off.)
Me, faux-dramatically: Larry, you're going to start a fire!
(Gavin and I crack up.)

(Gavin is having trouble saying the name "Julius Caesar" and keeps calling him "Julius Seizure." Later:)
Gavin: So Caesar was killed in 44 BC?
Me: Don't you mean Seizure?
Gavin, laughing: F*** you. I was having a few issues speaking.

Hmmm. This kid is listening to his CD player, which makes me wonder if it is possibly safe to whip my iPod out. I don't want to risk it. Anyway, a piece of hot NDA gossip for you all, which I'm highly doubting is true because I heard it from HR: Jake J. was expelled. Although I can neither confirm nor deny that at the moment.

Fuggish Chipmunk is making an ornament on the other side of the library, and that really made me wish Van Chelsing was here. Not just so we could heckle Fuggish Chipmunk--- well, mostly so we could heckle alllll the preps in this study hall--- but mainly because I love my time of talking to Van Chelsing about nothing in the library, up until Pencil Case comes and whisks me away to have a little chat with Madame. This event has occurred the last two days, and I always walk away to algebra smiling because of it. It's so nice, just getting to talk about "deep", random things with Van Chelsing, and then with Pencil Case and Madame, and just thinking about it makes me a little bit happier. I'm going to go edjucate myself by reading some history books or something. Or perhaps just laugh maniacally at Fuggish Chipmunk's ornament, twice as hard so that it kind of makes up for the fact that Van Chelsing cannot laugh with me.


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