"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Fancy Stickers.

So, Pencil Case is funny. After our French test today (which was very difficult, even with Madame giving us all these shortcuts and reminders, and I studied rather extensively), he was chastising Madame about her "fancy stickers", because I guess he doesn't understand our extra-credit-sticker rules. Then, after our gym tests, he decided he, like ABC, had some right to read my notebook-journal where I reveal my innermost thoughts. Except not really. Half of the things I put in there end up on the blog anyway, except for the occasional emotion or bad piece of poetry.

So, apart from the usual stress of my day, and the joy Pencil Case brings me, I got into a hilarious verbal sparring match with Toe Touches after I came late to theology.

Toe Touches: Kellie, would you like to give an excuse as to why you are late?
Me: Well, I have this locker where my friends and I put our coats, except someone thought it would be really cute to move my coat into another kid's locker, and I looked and I can't find it there.
Toe Touches: You went through the personal belongings of others?
Me: I did not go through their personal belongings, I opened the doors of their lockers, then looked for my coat without toughing any of their belongings.
Toe Touches: You searched people's lockers without a search warrant from Mr. Brooker?
Me: Yes.
Toe Touches: Do two wrongs make a right?
Me, quietly: No, but three lefts do.
Toe Touches: What was that?
Me: Nothing. I just want my coat back, can I please go check the Lost and Found?!

Yes, I was very upset, verging on Jane Craig-ing and most definitely Death Glaring. It was completely ridonkulous.

Hahaha, I can't believe I almost forgot lunch today! Okay, Maggie was talking about Paul's freshman ID picture and goes, "It doesn't even look like Paul, it looks like a fat, inbred cousin!" This made me laugh, and then I burped and laughed at the same time, which caused Maggie and I to giggle for quite some time. It was hilarious, and then Bet decided I have a laugh like a mass-murderer.

Okay, third time editing this post. During world history, some stupid people brought up movie reviews.

Random Person: Yeah, the movie ratings are always wrong! They gave Garfield a good rating!
Me: What?
Larry: Who's "they", Five-Year-Olds For A Better America? (Larry and I laugh hysterically.)


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