"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Email is fun.

Okay, so Pencil Case and I have way too much fun with e-mail. Really, we should get our accounts suspended for all the fun we have, because it's just way too much for this school. I might post some examples of our fun. Seriously, if fun was weighed in pounds, the fun Pencil Case and I have would not be able to make it through elevator doors sideways. Also, the paper here is really warm and nice feeling when it comes out of the printer.

I would like to comment on how gossip explodes here. Okay, during church yesterday, a kid fainted. By the end of the day, I heard that he had a seizure and almost died. I mean, come on, people, keep it in check. If he had a rash, the next morning we'd all be abuzz with his diagnosis of melanoma. Maggie and I talked about this last night, and I used the same example. And, yes, it made me think of Uncle Buck: "Hey, Melanoma-Head! Here's a quarter. Go down to the subway and have a rat chew that thing off your face!"

I would also like to comment on the fact that Mr. NDA is not sexist. Also, I think we should have a school-wide vote on this topic, since the show is not put on for the faculty, it's put on for the students. Also: it's a spoof, so everyone should just take it town a few. Although spending 15 minutes of French class talking about how stupid this whole thing is, and then Madame being smart? Yeah, that was almost as fun as the caviar!

I had fun during math today. First of all, I *heart* synthetic division, oh yes. Then we were guessing ABC's age, and Brad was the closest. So he started to stand up to, I don't know, do a victory dance and HIS WHOLE DESK CAME UP WITH HIM because he was stuck in it. I almost died laughing. Then, during badminton, the birdie that Chelsey had hit smacked (well, smacked as much as a highly slow-moving birdie can) Beau in the head! Badminton is Pencil Case's calling, I think, he is destined to be a British geriatric man. Perhaps whilst he is still young, he should get working on his cricket career.


Anonymous Anonymous babbled mindlessly...

this is brigid!

a few questions
one: how old IS abc?
b: brad van hemmelrich?
c: which chelsey? red hair chelsey? and hahahaha, poor beau, i knew he was angry even though he wouldn't admit it.

4:56 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

1. ABC is going to be 29 next Saturday
2. Brad Jones
3. Red hair Chelsey

8:16 PM


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