"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Do we have to do dreams?"

I had two incredibly bizarre dreams last night. Really, you have no idea.

In Dream #1, I went to a convenience store on a street corner of what I believe was Brooklyn. Although I have never been to Brooklyn, so it might have been some district of Chicago I actually have visited. Anyway, this convenience store was the kind where you can rent/buy movies and they had a lot of candy. But not any candy I had ever seen before, these were things like dinosaurs sculpted from clumps of SweetTarts (oh, I love SweetTarts, but anyway.) So I meandered over to the movies, and I bought a seven dollar copy of Pirates of the Caribbean that had a very strange cover. Yes, the picture on the cover of the case looked exactly the same as it does, except the background was sparkly gold. Then, as expected, I woke up, worried that my subconscious was having a serious internal glitch.

Dream #2 is quite possibly the coolest, most derangedly awesome dream I have ever had in my life. That really made it sound like an acid trip, but it was so much better than that. See, NDA had a "Summer School", so all my little French peeps and I decided to go join. Oui, oui. Then we were split up into four houses, and my house was just me and my French class peeps. We were assigned to a room that was all white and exactly similarly designed as the art room at SMS, except that it had no closets. We had so much fun at summer school. We didn't learn anything academic, just really random things Madame would tell us. And, even though we spent most of our days jumping on a trampoline or watching movies, we smoked all the other schools in our academic competitions. We had theme dress up days every day, such as 80s, pajamas, and emo. Yes, we had an emo dress up day. Our rule was that if you wanted to say something nice, you had to write it in a letter on a half-sheet of white printer paper in Sharpie. You couldn't just go tell them the nice thing out loud, you had to put it into words on paper. On Emo Day, Madame wrote us really nice notes that were extremely non-emo, but we all looked so hot and smart, like we were. Anyway, it was a fantastic dream. We played a lot of Charades, of course.

Pencil Case and I are having a lovely hourlong conversation. 59:36. So great, what a good time. Awww, we all miss Pencil Case so much. He's so funny and famous. Such a hilarious discussion, le sigh. We talked a lot about French class and how much we miss it, which involved a lot of his crazy theories/things no one else remembers. Like, "Madame said, 'Why is your nickname Pencil Case?' and I said, 'Oh, because Kellinka thought of it.' and she said, 'Oh, it suits you, because you're kind of a mental case.'" Then he made random animal/Swahili noises, talked about priests and nuns, special friends, and Siberia. Also how he thinks my entire family is alcoholics. So, so fun. And then he forced me to update this blog to talk about it.


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