"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."



Well, first hour today was a highly evenful saga. First of all, Chels and Mags and I were hanging out in the French room, but Madame was nowhere to be seen. Instead, PREPS had taken over my happy place. Yes, but then Chelsea had a mucus laugh and she and I fell over laughing and scared them away, bwahaha. So, after that, we were kidnapped. That's right, Frau kidnapped us. Except that I am completely exaggerating. All the girls went willingly because she has a cardboard cut-out Ewan McGregor in her room, yes yes. So, Madame came back from her meeting, and "saved" us from having fun, mocking the announcements ("Remember to bring your pass, they make it sound like a rock concert!") and heckling Spanish Club.

So, then we went to the French room to Be Quiet and Do Our Vocab. We also recieved Madame's version of The Talk, which is: "You know what it is. Don't do it." But guess how well we did on the front of Being Quiet and Doing Our Vocab?

Me, pointing at the empty pack of Camels in the recycling bin: Oh, look!
Madame: It's in the recycling. Like, "Hey, I'm killing myself and the people around me, but I care about the trees!"

Actually, we did do our vocab, but we also talked the whole time, because someone (I believe it was Maggie) asked about the difference between French and American food.

Madame, talking about fish markets: Well, usually the fish would die by the time you got it home.
Me: Oh, that's uplifting!
Madame: But sometimes it wouldn't, and it would kind of be flopping around while you were scaling it.
Everyone: Ewwwwwww.
Madame: You kids need to toughen up. How do you think chicken gets packaged?
Kelsey: Well, it's not like you go find a live chicken somewhere, break its neck, and pluck it while it's still flapping around!
Madame: My grandmother did that.

Then we talked about caviar for approximately fifteen minutes. Pencil Case loves beluga caviar, which is apparently the most expensive kind and very salty. Yeah.

Madame: Now I'm going to enlighten you on the right way to eat caviar.

Pencil Case: The funniest thing Madame said all year was "potato!"
Madame: No, I've said lots of funny things this year. Pencil Case, I'm going to tell you something, and I don't want to break your heart, but I'm funny. I don't even have to try to be funny, I'm just a funny person.

And yet I still finished all my vocab. How does that even happen? Sadly, the rest of my day was not as entertaining. Well, except for Chelsea freaking out because Mullet Lady was at church.

Pencil Case: So, Madame, what's the item of the day today? A piece of the Titanic?
(Madame laughs.)
Maggie: You know, she's probably smiling like that because there's a piece of it hidden away in the filing cabinet somewhere.

Chels: I don't know. In the hall today, I heard Madame say, "If I woodchuck spoke German, what would it say?"

Chels: Hey! You could be Van Kellsing if you wanted!

Erik: ::pounces on my fleece scarf and immediately starts stroking it::. Oh, hi Kellie!

So, yes. I love Pencil Case's new screen name with all my heart. It is a total shrine to me, this blog, and French class. Yay!


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hey! omg madame is sooo funny! lol n her room is SOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOO SOOOOO happy1111 omg i mean, its AMAZING! i think that was like, the best part of my day. seriously. sitting in the bean bag in the HAPPY french room! lol yay! ~allishka~

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