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Pretty Good for a Bad Day.

Okay, I need help in math. I'm just going to admit this, flat-out, after failing two quizzes in a row. Also, I better have done as well on my ICP quiz as I thought I did because... I need it. Badly. So badly I could scream.

[Pencil Case can't get the filing cabinet open.]
Madame: How many freshmen does it take to open a filing cabinet? (She walks over and opens it immediately.)

Anyway. Pencil Case is a horrible boy. This is what he says happened before I was in French today: "Well, I was just talking to Madame about yesterday, and I was like, 'Yeah, I read about it on the internet.' And she goes, 'Oh, what's the website?' And I gave her the link." (Me: "You couldn't have said 'I forgot'?" Pencil Case: "No! She would know I was lying, she has, like, a built-in lie detector!")

So, I walk into the room this morning, and Madame randomly goes, "You're funny." on her way out of the room. Pencil Case explains that she is reading my blog. I flip out, because she is reading:
1. bad words I say all the time
2. bad things I say all the time
3. about my enmity for the holidays
4. about my extended family.

But she also told me I was a good writer. Later, in gym, Pencil Case tried to insist that she was only reading the things about him and about herself, and that she's never going to read it again. Then he told me that she kept talking about how funny I make her sound (she's extremely hilarious, really) and how funny I am and how she was laughing the whole time... and I'm guess I'm not as weirded out by the idea of a teacher reading my blog anymore. It's weird, yes, but people I don't know reading my blog is weird, too, and people I know too well reading my blog even gets a bit awkward.

Seriously, I do not let my mother read anything I write, nor do I let my father. In middle school, when we had to make a showcase portfolio in English, it was painful for me to watch them read my papers. And these were papers I never had below an A- on, but it was still so weird, and I haven't been able to pinpoint why. I mean, they've never said anything bad about my writing, ever. But it's still so awkward. I mean, I don't mind Angie reading what I've written, and she's usually the first person I'll let read something, because she's a brilliant constructive critic, but I would never choose to let my mother read the same thing. And my mom and I are like the freaking Gilmore girls; we steal each other's CDs, for god's sake. I put off letting my mom read a story I got an A+ on until the last possible minute. Again, I can't explain it, and it's not that I'm afraid they won't say nice things. My mom and I have talked this out so many times, but nothing has come of it. If I still saw a shrink, I would talk to him or her about this, and maybe something would come of it, but maybe I'm just quirky for no good reason.

I like that. Whenever someone asks me why I do the things I do, I'm just going to say that I'm quirky for no good reason. And I have a really weird stream-of-consciousness.


Blogger Kate babbled mindlessly...

Last year in my rhet comp class we were in the computer lab and this awesome girl named Sharieka google searched her name, and since I had mentioned her once, it came up and BANG my entire rhet comp class was reading my blog. Including my 50-year-old-teacher, whose neck fat I had mentioned in a previous post. I. Was. Freakin'. Out.

BUT, feedback was positive, and I survived, and the blog lives on. Also, two of my favorite teachers read my blog because they were curious as to how I got a contract with a paper, and so I had to break down and tell them that the editor was reading my blog. It's very weird at first, but I think that when you know that people you respect will be reading, it sort of forces you to try and be a better writer.

4:37 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Yeah, I agree. And it's not like I've ever said anything horrible about her on here, that would be absolutely mortifying. (And she would be extremely pissed off and I would recieve the Glare of Death and that would frighten me.) I mean, it could be worse... ABC could be reading my blog and my notebook.

4:51 PM

Blogger Bet babbled mindlessly...

yes, i agree that having abc read your blog could be humiliating, especially because she probabaly knows you don't like her, and come to think about it, i'm not sure she likes you either. Proof- that day in class not to long ago where she saw you writing something, and then she wrote all over it in dry erase marker, and then almost internally combusted with anger. I swear i almost saw steam come out of her ears.

6:05 PM

Blogger Bet babbled mindlessly...

oh, you know what ke, i think you should visit my friend Kq's blog, it's very amusing, and i think you might find that you are very simalar in your musing/randomnes. here ya go... www.hollowglory.blogspot.com

6:18 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Hahaha, Bet, that would be absolutely mortifying! I do believe ABC knows I do not like her, or math, in any way, especially after the incident with the dry-erase markers. She is ca-razy. And I have indeed read Kq's blog and I love it! She is quite funny.

10:38 PM


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