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One Hell of a Bake Sale.

Yes, so I ended up at school before 7 this morning, despite NOT HAVING ANY SCHOOL, and then we had one hell of a Bake Sale. And by Bake Sale, I mean "hanging out with Madame in the French room because the liars who said they'd bring baked goods this morning are just that, liars, and I was the only person who showed up anyway." It was actually extremely amusing. I got my homework done and listened to French pop music and chatted with Madame about the most random things ever. And then she would continously offer me food from the teachers' lounge ("But we have blueberry bagels! With strawberry cream cheese, Cate, are you sure you're not hungry?") and I'd get kicked out for a few minutes at a time when a parent would show up. Oh, and then there was the coffee. I spilled my coffee, which everyone found very amusing except for me. And I was mainly not amused because I could have drunk that coffee, you know? Yes. But it was not a big deal. Except that Senora G now calls me "little spiller." Anyway, during these times when I was kicked out of the room, I would hang out with Senora G, put notes randomly in my friends' lockers and binders, and get antagonized by Random Math Teacher.

It was really much more entertaining than it should have been. Then I went and got Krispy Kremes, which were warm, and stopped at B&N and listened to music samples and bought The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay with Das Vater's money. By the way, Angie, you're right, the lead singer of Pretty Girls Make Graves has an excellent voice, and I'd loooove it if you could burn me a copy of their CD. Then I traversed on to Best Buy to find the new Rilo Kiley CD, but the idiot salespeople could not find it and neither could genius me, so I bought the Magnetic Fields' i instead. As you can see, it's been a highly eventful day thus far, and it's only quarter to 11! I should get up before 6 and drink lots of coffee more often.


Blogger Felicity Finn babbled mindlessly...

I love, love, love that you are totally crazy. And I love, love, love that you listen to Rilo Kiley, aka My Goddess.

9:45 PM

Blogger Kate babbled mindlessly...

Get the new Rilo Kiley CD by any means necessary. Then get their other two albums ("Take Offs and Landings," and "The Execution of All Things") because they are amaaaaazing. I've seen them twice in concert, and yes, Jenny Lewis is the most amazing human being on earth. Actually, she's tied with Blake Sennett (the guitarist/occasional singer), who is hottt in that short, crazy-eyed sort of way.

4:36 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

I bought it today and I loooooove it. Jenny Lewis might be my hero.

10:05 PM


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