"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Oh, Joyness.

You can read about my weekend at Angie's blog since I'm too lazy to post about it myself.

We had our pick-five ballot things for Mr. NDA today, so of course Genius Idea read them and mocked us and the candidates, which involved the only cute thing Paul has done in, oh, probably his whole life.

Genius Idea: Maggie just voted for the cute boys-- like Paul!
(Paul is enormously blushing and smiling.)
Paul: Miss Madame!
Genius Idea: I am just stating a fact!

It was very sweet. Then she continued to make fun of us and Paul continued to, I don't know, verbally abuse Maggie or whatever it is Paul does when I'm not supervising him. (I'm just kidding. He's a very nice boy, that Paul.)

I actually felt politically intelligent and ready to talk politics (not, like, Democrat-Repbulican politics, like, do we have true democracy and why the hell don't people vote more politics) in world history today. It was basically Larry and Mr. Teacher and I talking and the rest of the class being awed at the dozens of big words, but still. It was nice, and did not involve shouting, or Bush-Bashing, or Kerry-Bashing. I love non-election political discussions. And I worked "If you do not vote, P. Diddy is going to kill you" in there, because it was in Molly's AIM profile and I loved it.


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