"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Magic Palm Tree

Oh, a highly entertaining morning, despite all the politicalosity that's flying around right now. (Soooo many kids with Bush/Cheney stickers, ABC told them they were only Republicans because they have rich parents and that she's a single, middle-class woman and therefore, the Republicans do nothing for her. That's nice. We all know you're living off a teacher's salary, thanks. Although, sadly, I agreed with her on, oh, everything. I'm trying to be mad at her for invading my privacy.)

Okay, apparently my mother doesn't check her email. And I am too retarded to set up my schedule properly in Microsoft Outlook, too. Grrrrness.

Anyway. We had a few minutes of doing-nothing at the end of French today, so Chelsea and Maggie and I headed over to the bean bags. Chelsea was fondling Madame's palm tree, so I said, "Chelsea! Stop picking at the palm tree." And she goes, "I'm not! I'm petting it!" Madame, grinning maniacally: "Don't touch the palm tree! People who touch the Magic Palm Tree will get in trouble!" Then I put my backpack on the table part of a desk and it toppled completely, further proving that I can manage to be klutzy without inflicting pain upon myself. I laughed really hard and Madame was laughing too, because I'm obviously ridiculous, and goes, "You're so hyper."

Which was not exactly great, because I had English next, and then, after English, a "prayer service" about Random Acts of Kindness. Whatever. I spent most of it talking to Betty and making fun of this lady's annoying voice. Then ICP, which I swore during because Mute came back so I had to return to my seat in the Boondocks, alias the Back of the Room. (Me: "DAMN! I mean, darn! Darn, I don't want to sit in the back!" Adult Hermione was highly entertained.) I had Mountain Dew during lunch to perk up, but I ran that all off during gym making fun of Barbie with Liza Minelli (who I usually do not enjoy the presence of, which is why I call him Liza Minelli), and then the sham that is world history and now, study hall, making this a very long post about, oh, nothing. But really, during the prayer service, I was genuinely worried Betty would ruin her vocal chords pinching them to tweak them to say "KINDness" in the appropriately nasal way.


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