"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


I'm So Dreamy.

A note: I'm going by my real name now. But you can still call me Cate if that's what your precious heart desires.

Okay, y'all know that Natalie had a dream about me two nights ago, right? Well, now Madame had a dream about me last night. So weird. It went, when she explained it, something like this:

"I had a dream last night-- and this isn't a speech, like "I Had a Dream"-- and I was at a concert. It was a classical concert, so everyone was being very quiet, and, all of the sudden, I hear Kellie's voice. And she comes and sits down right next to me, and she's got her nice pink coat on, and she will not stop talking, and I keep saying, "Kellie, shhhhhh" but she just keeps on talking."

Yeah, and in other French-class news, when Pencil Case (hi, Benjamin!) gets his test back, we're going to take a picture of the infamous mad-face and post it on here.

Madame: Pencil Case, why aren't you going to Fall Fest?
Pencil Case: I don't agree with dances.
Madame: You don't agree with dances or dances don't agree with you?

Larry and I talked about who we voted for for Fall Fest court during lunch. He basically voted for people he does not like and wants to humiliate (I won't name names...), and I basically voted for people who are nice, whilst stifling the urge to humiliate people. Then we discussed with Bet about how impalement would be the worst way to die. I *heart* my world history seating arrangement.


Anonymous Anonymous babbled mindlessly...

Hey. This is Pencil Case...
For the record, I don't agree with dances. If I wanted them to, dances would agree with me! Madame loves making fun! We are friends at heart, though! We talk about the time I asked her if she was really french. That never really happened, though.
O God, I have really lost it. Sorry to interrupt this beautiful site!

- Pencil Case

11:06 PM

Blogger Afarin babbled mindlessly...

Awwww, your real name is Kellie? That's pretty!

...But if you don't mind, I'll be calling you K-Dawg from now on. Just because. ;)

9:37 AM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Hahaha, Pencil Case, you make my day. And you have lost it, but in a good way. I'm glad that you and Madame are friends, because it brings me so much entertainment.

And, I'm fine with K-Dawg!! Hahaha, it cracks me up, in fact.

4:44 PM

Blogger mai babbled mindlessly...

Ha, I call my cat J-Dawg. Call Cate Kiki, though, that's almost better.

5:20 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Urgh, wonky Blogger will not let me read the fourth comment!

5:39 PM

Blogger Afarin babbled mindlessly...

Hmmm, Kiki's not bad, but it's not ghetto enough. It needs to be a ghetto name. *ponders*

8:36 PM


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