"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"I'm a bipolar bear!" --Pencil Case

Well, I had the most hilarious experience of my life today. It all started because yesterday, Pencil Case wanted to know how to say "beef log" in French, and Madame just told him how to say "sausage", which he realized whilst looking through a dictionary today to figure out how to spell it.

Pencil Case: Wait!! That's not "beef log"!
Madame: No, it's sausage. You can't just put words together like that, people won't understand what you're saying.
Pencil Case: You LIIIIIED to me! (or something like that.)

Then Maggie randomly brought up the pepperoni story to change the subject, which I'm safely betting Emily told her. But Pencil Case had to interrupt again.

Pencil Case: Well, if I went to France, and I wanted to say "beef log", what would I say?
Madame: Pencil Case, you're still talking!
Chelsea, more random subject-changing: Can you say something in Russian for us?
Pencil Case: You speak Russian?!?!
Madame: Yeah, it's my native language.
Pencil Case: No! French is your native language!
Madame: Don't tell me what my native language is, Pencil Case! I grew up in Russia.
Pencil Case: No, you didn't! You grew up in France!
Madame: Don't tell me where I grew up, Pencil Case. You know what, go get a drink. ::gestures walking with her fingers:: A looong drink. Drink until the bell rings.

Pencil Case leaves the room, and Madame closes the door behind him, holding it shut with her foot. After a few minutes, we eventually return to almost-normal class, but then Pencil Case pops his head back in. He tries to talk his way back in, but Madame just pushes his head back out and closes the door again. This happens a few times until Pencil Case decides to send notes under the door. First, one was an apology note, but Madame would not accept it, and wrote that on the back, sending it back under the door. Pencil Case sent it back under all ripped up (I just got this visual of Pencil Case maniacally ripping the sheet of paper up outside the door.)

Anyway, this was the second note Pencil Case sent under the door:

Caption, since the color wouldn't show up very well on my digital camera: "I'm NOT thirsty."

Madame sent back a response:

Finally, Pencil Case was reallowed into the classroom, and Maggie, Chels, me, and the rest of the class (except for the crabby juniors) had regained breathing after laughing for roughly ten minutes straight. You kind of had to be there.

Pencil Case, later: Madame is no fun to fight with because she always wins.


Blogger Bet babbled mindlessly...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i wish i was in french with you. why on earth would you want to say "beef log" in french? you don't even say that in english. to the best of my knowledge......

6:09 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

French would be so awesome with Bet! It would be perfect. And I don't know why Ben would want to say "beef log" in French or English. Let me remind you that this is the same Ben who called Chelsea's grandma "sticky" in French during our presentations about our families.

10:39 PM


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