"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


How I'll Never Be Anything I Hate.

I need a cooler name. Because, seriously, my real name, which I realized during English has now been revealed to a large number of you, is shared with thousands of other people born within five years of me. And, seriously, with my tinyness and my geek-chic glasses and my sarcastic, biting wit, I need a much less preppy-sounding, preppy-spelled name. I think we need to think of a hot name for me, okay?

So, yes. I have had "The Dark of the Matinee" stuck in my head since... well, since at least our fire drill around 10:00. Slightly distressing. I keep forgetting everything I have to say. Good lordy, could someone PLEASE get me some Gingko Biloba? I also seemed to forget, or just not notice, that the French club bake sale starts at 7:00 in the morning tomorrow when I signed up for it. So now I have to be to school on an off day an hour earlier than I start school on a regular day. Oh, well, I will have lots of fun with... whoever else signed up. Which is evidently not Maggie or Chelsea (<-- Jewish-grandmother guilting upon people who were much smarter than I was about signing up.) Oh, bumbuses, this is going to require so much coffee. Maybe I can con my mother into letting me use her portable coffee thing and filling it up with a highly sugared-up cappuccino.

We read "The Necklace" during English, and when English Teacher asked if we felt sorry for Mathilde, this led to hilarity between myself and Brigid.
Brigid: I feel sorry for her, I guess.
Me: But she was such a social climber!
Brigid: Hey, shhh, I'm a social climber. I borrow people's necklaces and lose them.
Me: But are they made of paste?
Brigid: No, but seriously, it's like, Madame Loisel equals Brigid. (Goes on to write on her quiz: "MADAME LOISEL = MADEMOISELLE BRIGID!" with lots of random rising and falling accents on the "BRIGID" part.)

Speaking of English class, yesterday Nate read this highly stupid story out loud, and then we had to write an ending for it. It was so awful I am not even bothering to dignify it with remembering the title. Anyway, though, this kid is absolutely obsessed with this egg and so is his friend Paddy or whatever, and he watches it and blah blah blah, and then the story cuts off. Except I wasn't really listening, so my ending was, "There was nothing in the nest, so Colm traversed home, disappointed, to another meal of salted fish and potatoes." Seriously, you are never allowed to sic my bitter sense of humor on such an awful story again, English Teacher. I am too wicked.

This is such a terribly long post about nothing. The library smells like pumpkin seeds, but not in a good way. I think this smell is wafting over from the Periodical room. Anyway, since I was running very late today for study hall, I did not get to go see this random Broadway actor guy who is visiting us with Schmeeze and Maureen, and then I showed up late to the library and was chastized. For those of you who know how fast I walk, you know that being late generally means I have a long way to go and, therefore, I should not be punished or chastized.

ABC was so evil to Diana today. We had a quiz, and Di didn't have her calculator, and she was going to borrow one from someone who was done with their test, but ABC wouldn't let her. Why, might you ask? Because she is apparently the evil Nazi in charge of calculator distribution, that's why. Really, ABC, it wasn't your calculator, and you had no issues loaning your lone calculator to Bryan. Good golly gosh.

I should go find something productive to do. I'll have to tell Senora G that one of her comments on RateMyTeachers.com is "ROCK ON!", which I find highly entertaining.

Oh christ. How did I manage to get a 65% on an ICP quiz I spent at least a cumulative hour studying for?!?!?!? And then I always do extremely well on my tests?!?!?! This is really a lovely grade for the day of parent-teacher conferences (hahaha, speaking of which, the teachers are all dressed up, which is somewhat amusing, because they want to look all nice for our parents). Even though it only brings my grade down a point, it still makes me really, really upset, and my father will be all ridiculous about it, and then I'll get a 96 on my test, AS USUAL, because I always do. Of course, the one time I got 100 on my quiz, I only got a 90 on my test and.... AGH. I suppose I could go have the librarian write me a pass so I can talk to Adult Hermione about this, which will seem really geeky and they might not even let me go now that I was chastized for being late. But whatever. I'll try it. Because this is the longest blog post in forever.


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