"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


All I Can Do Is Wait For You

Well, today was a very interesting day. Yes. But I cannot specify further than that; only a few select individuals are "in on it." I feel obliged to supply quotes now. And yet, most of you still won't be in on it! Ha ha ha!

Pencil Case: Madame is like Santa Claus! Seriously, she just goes and pulls the random item of the day out of her filing cabinet!
Madame: What is "like Santa Claus", Pencil Case? (Continues to chastise him for his abuse of the word "like".)
Pencil Case: Madame, why do you hate me so much?!?!?
Me: She's trying to make you sound more intelligent.
Madame, laughing: (points at me) She's smart.

It was very flattering. So, then, for some reason, I decided to let everyone know that I have no sense of direction, if they didn't know that already.

Me: I don't have much of a sense of direction, Madame. No, really, remember during Orientation, when you had to help me find Adult Hermione's room?
Madame, laughing again: Yeah!

Then we talked about the ever-changing lexicon of American slang and why there is no French word for "bling." Yes, general hilarity. I was a bit upset with our ICP tests. Mostly because I did not get to write my essay about Mendeleev. Yes, that sounds wonky, but I had the best ending line ever for my essay. ("As my mother likes to say, 'That Dimitri Mendeleev, he was a cool guy!' Please note that my mother also refers to James Chadwick as 'my buddy Jimmy'.") Then I decided to put that I was upset that I didn't get to write my Mendeleev essay under my essay in parentheses, because I have random spastic needs to let all my authority figures know that my mom is crazy.

I made Betty Jean, Chelsea, and Pencil Case beautiful locker signs last night. I mean, these were truly gorgeous. I also made one for Angie, because it's great, even though she is not an NDA-er yet. She better hang it up somewhere, though, because it is fabulous. (Although I will have to make her a new one when she comes to NDA, because the one I have now might be obsolete by then.) Yeah, I am a weird kid. What kind of a kid sits around making locker signs for her nearest and dearest because she can't sleep? Yeah. That would be me. But everyone loved theirs, and they rightly should!


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