"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Printing is Fun.

Holla. I'm at Angie's, and we're getting a break (oh, shut up, it's going to be Europe money eventually) from printing old lady Christmas cards on the oh-so-vintage printing press. She would like to say that it almost took off her hand five times and that her dad almost took off her head. Whatever that means.

Anyway, I'm going to take this opportunity to write an extremely long post as further proof that I am Not Dead.

On Thursday, Betty Jean had an extra ticket to the TJ Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions, so I got to go and it was extremely fun. There was an autograph session afterward, so I saw and got the autographs of many gymnasts. I didn't get Mohini Bhardwaj's, unfortunately, because I love her, but I saw her up close and she's extremely pretty and nice. So is Annia Hatch, and she's a lot tinier than I expected her to be. They all seemed extremely nice, although Miss Carly Patterson did not seem too thrilled to be there. Oh, well. She did her Olympic floor routine, though, and that was cool.

On Friday, we had Fun French Friday, yay, and the NDA vs. Preble game. With about 3 and a half minutes left, we tied at 22, but then Preble scored another touchdown. It sucked and was extremely depressing, on top of being cold and wet, wet, wet. (Chellie, miss kind cat murderess--- I'm just kidding, she hasn't murdered any cats yet-- lent me a scarf to use as mittens, since I had cold tiny hands. I am forever indebted to her.)

We also had mass with Mr. Burns on Friday, which seemed to be a behavioral issue crisis waiting to happen. And I had the giggles through almost all of church. See, I was telling Chellie about the pig innard Chinese restaurant in Paris (don't ask), and she went, "Pig innards? I thought you said cats!!" which made me laugh extremely hard and made Genius Idea turn around and go, "Cateshhhhhhhh" in a highly amused tone of voice.

Paul is mean.

Hahahaha, poor Erik has to take health with Mrs. Enegy (that's how she spells energy), and she thought some kid flipped her off in class, so she went, "Are you flipping me off?" and did this little dance thing. I'm so glad I don't have to take health, you have no idea. Angie just realized she probably will have to take health with her, poor Angie. ("That's right!" --Angie)

Actually, you know what? Just disregard everything Angie says. She just used the word "vittles." Speaking of vittles, when are we getting our Krispy Kremes in French (which is also my homeroom) for being good pledge collectors?

Anyway, I have to work at the ridiculous auction tonight, which requires a ridiculous hula skirt-lei-hat combo getup. Let's pause five seconds for mad laughter.

The other day I failed to notice the enormous puddle of water in front of my locker, and of course, slipped and fell flat on my butt, sending textbooks flying everywhere. It was highly amusing, I'm sure. I was laughing pretty hard. actually, but not so much when my butt was wet through all of world history. That was not so entertaining, although world history usually isn't. I hate, hate, hate covering ancient cultures, sorry, it's just not interesting. Once we hit the Romans and the Greeks, I'm usually okay, but... two months for prehistory, Mesopotamia, and Egypt is not necessary. Also, despite being a really nice guy, my world history teacher is really, really underinformed and mispronounces everything. It almost makes me miss Ursula the Sea Witch, who made things interesting and pronounced them correctly and was an absolute know-it-all. I am listening to the Ramones, since I am in a 'Ramones mood" (tm Tricia).

I don't like math quite as much anymore. Because ABC, our "teacher", doesn't TEACH anything. I mean, she's very interesting with her stories and lack of depth perception and guess-my-middle-name and turkey-ducks, but for god's sake, could you just TEACH THE LESSON? Amazingly, I'm fending for myself pretty well, what with my B/B+ grade. I love Introduction to Chemistry and Physics, too, and in English we're studying The Odyssey, which is always fun. I am a Homer geek.

The Ramones really want a lot. "I Wanna Be Sedated.' "I Wanted Everything." "I Just Want to Have Something to Do" (or, as I almost typed it, "I Just Want to Have Somebody to Do.") "I Wanna Live." Now we're listening to My Chemical Romance, because I never have. Well, I promised you a long post, so there it is. Hopefully my internet will be fixed up sometime this week and I'll be able to post random things all I want.


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