"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"I can hear myself getting fatter!" --Genius Idea, after numerous Krispy Kremes

French club this morning, which meant Krispy Kremes, but then Pencil Case forgot about French club and also brought Krispy Kremes for his birthday treat. We are such pigs. Although Genius Idea was in sort of a bad mood today, for about ten minutes, because some girl was whining about room arrangements for the Europe trip (yeah, I overheard, and, girl, shut up and be happy you get to go). But then Maggie did quotation fingers (now we will forever say "la papeterie" with quoty fingers) and Paul didn't know the answers ("I didn't get this one." "Have you noticed that it always happens this way, Paul?" "I have, Madame, I have.") and we got more Krispy Kremes and it was all okay. And Chelsea was not sick today, so the last five minutes of class were perfect: just sitting there, all of us, eating Krispy Kremes. Such a moment of unity.

Yay, our band gets to play for GWB. I don't like him one bit, but I'm still going to be happy for them because playing for famous people is seriously something to write home about. (And put on a resume, if you're La Mere.) (Also, I'm starting to realize I don't like Kerry all that much either. But my new rule is "no politics". Because the whole world does not need to know who you like, who you hate, and who you're voting for, you can keep it to yourself and no one will get pissed off at you or disagree with your opinion. Then again, that's just mine. But we can all find much more interesting things to talk about, and still be happy that our school bands are GONNA BE FAMOUSE!!!11111ONE, even if you don't like the person who's giving them this opportunity.)

Me: It's a joint effort.
Maggie: Like a knuckle!

Emily: I have a question! It's really important, I promise.
Mr. B: Okay, Emily.
Emily: Do goldfish come from lakes?

I filled in the pattern that my pants left on my hand when I sat on it during world history. It's very cool. The right-click button of this mouse is thisclose to falling off. I actually don't have any real homework, except for studying for ICP, memorizing the Notre Pere (I already have), and that stupid English paper that's due on Wednesday. I'm so, so tired of the Odyssey that even O Brother Where Art Thou? might be a strain to deal with right now.


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